Arthur's Knights 2

The Secret of Merlin

By Cryo Interactive

Walkthrough by MaGtRo     June, 2002

Game Play: The movement in the game uses the arrow keys of the keyboard. The menu uses the mouse pointer. Pressing the space bar is the main Action key - speak to someone, open a door or pick up an inventory. For the space bar action key to work, Bradwen must face with his body slightly at an angle, the person to talk to directly or face the center of the object to interact with. Using shift and arrow keys makes Bradwen run or the horse gallop and climb stairs. Clicking the right mouse button displays or hides the interface bar at the bottom of the screen.                The circle on the left of the interface bar shows the activity at the moment such as location of the game play, the person to talk to or if combat is possible. It also shows the map, when destination is selected in the inventory area. Next is the inventory area that has the choice of items, represented by the hand icon that are picked up when Bradwen is on foot; the subjects, represented by the mouth icon that can be discussed when speaking to someone and the destinations, represented by the horse icon while on horseback. When a new item, subject or destination is obtained an automated transfer is seen on the top left of the screen indicating that it is placed in the inventory. When talking to a character, always exhaust all dialogues by pressing the action key/space bar and then open the subjects in inventory and talk about all the lit icons.          To the right of the inventory area, represented by a book is the storyline that summarizes the progress of the game story. Hints can be picked up from the storyline. The far right of the interface bar shows the green Menu globe that accesses the Save, Database and Quit choices. There are 10 save game slots and can be written over. There are 2 separate games, one Bradwen as a Paladin and the other, Bradwen as a Celt. To play the other game during or after finishing the first choice - select a new character and start a new game.

Items to be picked up. Subjects to talk about. Destinations to go to.

A young page asks Master Foulque if the tales about Bradwen are finished. Facing Master Foulque, click on the picture on left bottom of the screen or press the Action key/space bar. Click on the picture of Master Foulque to hear his answer. There are 2 stories about Bradwen:  as a Celt during the time of Arthur when fairies, dragons and ogres are present and follows the old life that believe in the great goddesses or as a Paladin, the pious knight and defender of the cross. To choose which one, turn around and walk towards the door. There are 2 books on either side of the door, a red book for the Celtic story and the white book for the Christian story. Walk towards the selected story, face the book directly, click space bar/action key and see automated action of book going to inventory item. Walk back to Master Foulque, face him directly, right click to bring up the interface bar, click on book of spells, click on picture of Foulque to start the story.

Read the summary of the previous tales of Bradwen in the book at the right side of the inventory area. This is the continuation of the legend of Bradwen, Knight of the Round Table and King of the Atrebates.

Bradwen the Celt (Red Book)

Quest 6 - The Crown of the Atrebates

Chapter 1:          Kingdom of the Atrebates:           Castle - Bradwen rides back to his kingdom of the Atrebates to assume the responsibility of kingship. His wife, the fairy Fydia awaits him at Mogovenium. Gawln greets him at the gate of the Castle. In the inventory are his wife's sisters, the fairies Fiachra, Fhola and Ferdia, as well as the 3 flamed sword. Enter the compound and talk to Elad in front of the Great House. Elad informs him that the kingdom is in fear of evil spirits. Ask about the phantoms that became rampant in the removal of the Morganor and the Picts. Go to the right and enter the hut by the roasting pig. Take ham from the table. Go to Bradwen's old home with the red dragon depicted on the door and he will not enter because of painful memories. Leave the castle. When on the horse, select the destination (horse) icon, right click and then click on the circle on the left and get a map. The map shows where Bradwen is in relation to places. If Bradwen is on foot, see where his horse is.               Red Dragon field - Talk to the shepherd about the phantoms. The phantoms carry humans to the other world and devour them. Ask about the pilferage mostly in Lucius' villa.                Lucius' villa -  Inside the villa, talk to the hungry Pict, Fyannan. He wants food before he will talk to you. Give him the ham. Ask about pilferage and phantom. Spirits massacre his clan when they took treasures in the great forest - Arden.

Arden:          Kings' Mounds - The only road open from Merlin's Tree is the one to the right guarded by a black bird. Enter and ride to Kings' Mound. See and talk to the boar. He was Golistan, Chief warrior of Morganor. Ask the boar about the phantoms. They stole the treasures of the mound and the spirits attacked. Now, the clan warriors' souls are in cocoons and he is a boar in the forest whose mission is to guard the stolen treasures. Bradwen states that only his 3-flamed sword containing the 3 fairies can break the spell. Fhola burns iron, Ferdia burns stone and Fiachra, the eldest can burn magic. Use Fiachra on Golistan. Pick up the tusk he left behind when he disappeared. To the right, a brown cocoon is on the ground. Use the tusk on the cocoon to free the souls. Pick up the royal treasures. Go to the mounds and see an ancestral ghost standing in front of the central mound. Give him the treasure and then speak to him. The dead King gives a unicorn horn, which is the mark of his shame and possibly Bradwen's salvation. Go now and be King. Ride the horse and choose Kingdom of the Atrebates as destination.

Kingdom of the Atrebates:          Castle - Enter the Great house and happily greet Fydia, fairy wife of Bradwen. As Queen, Fydia will renew the pacts with the other fairies for the good of the land.  Thank Elad for taking care of the kingdom. Tell him about the phantom King wanting Bradwen to wear the crown. Elad says the crown has disappeared for the coronation ceremony. It is the Crown of the King of the Atrebates, which Cadfanan nor Morganor wore. Talk to Fydia about the crown. She says that the crown was made by the fairy of Lake Arden for the Atrebates when the pact was concluded. And men made a coffer for the crown. Ask about the coffer. The green and blue metal coffer is decorated with dolphins. Bradwen remembered delivering it to the fairies for Cadfanan.  Tell Elad that the kingdom's hardship will cease since the spirits are appeased and have gone back to the other world. Go to Arden.

Chapter 2:          Arden:           Merlin's Tree - Talk to a waiting Merlin standing by his tree. Merlin states that Bradwen has to do and undo many things alone. Talk to him about the crown. The Lady of the Lake has the crown of Atrebates and to summon her, the Rhiannon's cup is needed. When the cup is recovered set it in middle altar of Arden Lake. Gael, Nael and Jael keep the cup at Rhiannon's knoll. Go to the now open road on the left.                      Rhiannon's knoll - As soon as Bradwen walks close to the pond, a wall of flame blocks his exit. Talk to the first stone and Jael appears. Jael is angry with her sisters, Gael and Nael. Ask her about the cup. The cup is broken but the Mother-Goddess will give the first half if the sisters go together by the pond and the second half if all of them are at the spring up the hill. To carry Jael as a pearl, she gives a magical Jael stone. Do not click on the stone on Jael for she cannot be alone with her other 2 sisters. Go to the second stone, and talk to Gael. She does not want to be alone with Jael. Take the magic Gael stone. Go to the third stone and talk to Nael and she also does not want to be alone with Jael. Take the magic Nael stone. Click the magic stone on Nael and have a pearl. Go to the left until the pond close to the wall of fire. Place the pearl in the pond and Nael transforms back. Go back to Gael and click the Gael stone on Gael and take the pearl. Bring the pearl to the pond and do the same as with Gael. Lastly, go back to Jael and do the same. Pick up half of the cup.            Now, how to get all of them up to the spring up the hill under the altar. Start by using the stone on Jael, pick up the pearl, for up the hill drop the pearl in the spring. Now go back down to the pond and do the same to Gael or Nael. Now, there will be a sister with Jael. Transform Jael (the one on the right) back to a pearl bring her down to the pond and transform her. Bring the other sister as a pearl up the hill and repeat the process. Now take Jael up the hill to be with her sisters. Pick up the whole cup. Ride out to go to the Merlin's tree. Take the adjacent open road and ride to the lake.              Lake of Offerings - Walk to the side of the lake and pass between any of 2 standing stones. Go the middle island and place the cup on the altar. Talk to the Fairy of the Lake that appears. To renew the pact, Bradwen must prove himself worthy. Talk about the crown and take the test. Place the stones that represent king, men, gods and earth on the four islands. Place the yellow stone of the king at the altar at the middle island where the cup is. Place the others any order at the side islands. Talk to the Fairy again and she gives the crown and the pact is resealed and bade Bradwen to go to where the Kings are born and laid to rest.

Chapter 3:         Arden:            King's Mound - Go to the road that has the black bird. Talk to the Ghost of King Cadfanan about the King. Place the crown on Bradwen's head.            Black Rock - After the extreme pain in placing the crown on his head, Bradwen's hair turns white. Bradwen realizes he is facing a giant at Black Rock. He states that he is a friend and that the pain is Gods' punishment for now he is cursed. Ask about the curse. Only he can help but first Bradwen must prove his commitment to the way of the beast. He wants Gawain's head and he gives you a sword. The exit is by 2 posts and where a white wolf stands.           Merlin's tree - Talk to Gawain standing by Merlin's Tree about the giant who tricked Gawain to be there at Arden. Gawain states that Bradwen's ancestors are giant slayers.           King's Mound - Ask Bradwen's father's ghost about the giant. The Giant of Bestiality can only be slain by the 3-Flamed sword. Rhiannon gave it to the first King of the Atrebates.            Rhiannon's Altar - Go to the top of the hill to the altar and talk to Fiacra. Rhiannon is angry and her curse was passed to Bradwen when he became king. She will give the Sword of Flames if the answer to the riddle is brought to her - If I am free I can destroy, if tamed, I can comfort. The wind helps to kindle me, but can also kill me. One can die within me, but also die without me. By the three standing stones of the fairies are 3 stones - Air, Water and the red stone of Fire. Take the red stone of Fire and give it to Fiacra. Take the 3-Flamed Sword.           Black Rock - Talk to the giant and then fight him using the 3-flamed sword. Choose the Kingdom of the Atrebates destination.

Chapter 4:           Kingdom of the Atrebates:          Castle - Bradwen is sick. Enter the castle and go to the Great house. Talk to Fydia about the curse. Benevolent Rhiannon gave a sacred vessel to the Atrebates - the cup decorated with unicorns. It is said that this vessel could heal all ailments and that the engravings tell of the goddess' magic. Talk to Elad about cup decorated with unicorns. He said that Lucius' inherited it when he was building his villa.            Lucius' Villa - Enter the villa and go to one of the pillars by the Roman mosaic floor in front of the main door of the house. Look at Rhiannon's cup and see unicorns depicted on the cup.          Castle - Talk to Fydia about the unicorn. Bradwen describes the cup with a unicorn touching an injured king with its horn and the king is healed. Fydia reminds Bradwen of the unicorn horn given to him by King Cadfanan's ghost. Talk to Elad, who worries how Bradwen's hair changed like his father. Show him the unicorn's horn and he remembers a statue of a man holding a horn. Enter the Great House and see a statue on the floor by the blue icon of St. George. Approach the statue on its right and then pick it up. It is missing one arm and a lower part of the unicorn's horn is broken.           Now to search for the missing part. Go to Bradwen's house with the red dragon on the door. Pick the statue from the floor. It shows a child holding the man's left hand and the base of the unicorn's horn. The statue is combined in the inventory as statue of king and child. Talk to Fydia and then ask her about the statue and ritual.  Fydia states that it is an ancient ritual wherein when man and child, who replaces the sacred unicorn grasp the magical horn together, the healing can begin.           St. George's Hill - Talk to the shepherd, Gwendal. He likes the sword. Talk to him about the unicorn horn. Watch the dance!          Castle - As soon as Bradwen enters the castle ground, Merlin appears. Bradwen's pain is now bearable. Merlin tells him that he has resisted the giant's trick as his father, Cadfanan and his uncle, Novelius have done. Bradwen must follow Morgan's stag and it will lead to the Mother - Goddess and all his questions will be answered. The white stag is in front of the Great House. Master Foulque tells that Bradwen followed the white stag to Arden but lost its tracks.

Quest 7 - The Fairy Queen

Chapter 1:           Arden:         Merlin's Tree - Fate appears in the subject panel. Corwin, the squire notices a stick on top of the dolmen in front of Merlin's tree. Pick up the branch of wild rose. Talk to Gawain behind the tree and then ask about Fate. He has seen the white stag by Rhiannon's Altar but it disappeared when Gawain was challenged by the Pied Knight, who seeks Bradwen's death. Take the road with a horse by it. Check the map and go to Rhiannon's Altar.          Rhiannon's Altar - Look at the black horse at the ground and Bradwen says that forces of darkness have ravaged the earth here. Go to the altar at the top of the hill and press action and Bradwen will call Rhiannon. Look close at the white horse on the ground. Bradwen says that Rhiannon, pure as the unicorn and as fresh as the rose has disappeared together with the unicorns. Look at either horse's head statue at the right or left of the altar. Place the unicorn horn on the horse's head and see that it fit the forehead. He realizes that it is a unicorn statue now.          Merlin's Tree - Talk to Gawain about the unicorn and he says only the pure can approach a unicorn.      Lake of Offerings - As soon as Bradwen walk towards the center altar, a voice says "Bradwen don't forget me". Look at the pillar with flowers on it at the center island. It is the fairy of the waters that was a fish once that loved Gawain in Avalon. Bradwen helped transform her back in the adventure in Arthur's Knights 1. She was transformed because she defended Bradwen at the Fairy Council. To help her - Only love can conquer the magic of Morgan. Corwyn remembers being turned into a mushroom by this fairy and did not want Bradwen to help her.          Merlin's Tree - Ask Gawain about the fairy. Gawain remembers being given a branch of wild roses by her as a show of love. Go to the flowers in front of Merlin's Tree and pick up a rose fit for a queen.         Lake of the Offerings - Use the branch of wild rose on the flowered stone and she transforms back to a fairy of the waters. Talk to the fairy and find out that Morgan despise Bradwen because of her love for her sister Rhiannon. Talk to the fairy and she asks for one of Merlin's eternal roses. Give her the rose. Ask her about the unicorn - There were 3 unicorn horns - the first was carried to his grave by the first cursed king, the second was tossed in the lake of Offerings and the last was lost in the Land of Shadows. If Bradwen finds the second horn, he can accomplish his destiny. Ask about the horse statues - they once guarded the gates of Avalon when they were still open. It was Rhiannon who opened the door but since the curse, it was closed. Ask about the Pied Knight, who is Morgan's champion and has orders to kill Bradwen. Ask about the white stag that has fled to Avalon. Ask her about Fate. Look at the center island's altar where the ancient kings made offerings to Rhiannon.           Merlin's Tree - Get another rose from Merlin's flower garden.          Lake of the Offerings - Place the rose on the center island's altar and Bradwen returns to the tradition of offering here. Pick up the second unicorn horn.          Rhiannon's Altar - Place the other horn on the other unicorn's head by the Altar with fire and the fire disappears. Walk under the dolmen of the altar. Corwyn, his squire refuses to follow him to Avalon. Bradwen disappears from Arden and appears in Avalon.

Chapter 2:           Avalon:           Entrance Island - Go forward to the clump of white flowers and pick some of the flowers with a handful of pollen that the fairies likes so much. Go forward and turn left to the flowering tree. A crow croaks a warning not to touch the fruit of the tree. Go back and cross the bridge. Ride to Stone Circle.           Stone Circle - Look at the flowered stones around the stone circle. Find the white stag inside the stone circle and the Pied Knight on the other side. Talk but do not fight the Pied Knight about the Pied Knight and Fate. He is the key to Bradwen's destiny and to know his fate, Bradwen must pierce his armor. Leave him and go to the Tower of Breath.          Tower of Breath - Climb up the main tower and talk to the winged fairy, who is very angry. Leave her and go to the Tower of Source using the crystal bridge at the right end of the island.          Tower of Source - Talk to the welcoming fairy that warns about Morgan's wrath and the winged fairies' hearing. Ask her about the winged fairies, who is in love with the Pied Knight. The Pied Knight hid his heart under the seasons to not be enchanted by the fairy. Bring the heart to the fairy to be able to talk to her. What feeds the fairies will break the heart of stone. Ask about the Pied Knight, who wears rainbows in his arms. Ask about Fate and find out that the winged fairies might know about it. As thanks, give her pollen and new pollen is in inventory.        Stone Circle - Go to the flowered stone close to the Pied Knight and use pollen on it. The stone disappears and pick up the heart shaped ruby of the Pied Knight.        Tower of Breath - Give the winged fairy the heart shaped ruby. Ask her about the Pied Knight. She gives a riddle - When you meet her, she knows not her name. As long as you walk, she cannot catch you. When you leave her in one world, you'll find her in the next. Go to the red circle on the left, automatically cross to an outer tree tower. See black stone of death, white stone of the moon, blue stone of progeny and gray stone of shadow. Go back to the winged fairy and give her the blue stone of progeny/childhood. If given the wrong stone, she changes Bradwen to a wild boar. She says that the Pied Knight is his son Madog. Ask about Madog. Madog was abandoned by the Picts at the forest of Arden, where Morgan picked him up. He is now 20 yrs old since time is different in Arden. He is also cursed when Bradwen took the crown. Ask about the white stag - the stag leads the living to their destiny and the dead to the other world. Ask about Fate - Only Madog, his son knows Bradwen's destiny. He must pierce Madog's armor, which he already did by use of the blue stone and finding out that he is his son.          Stone Circle - Talk to the Pied Knight about Madog. Bradwen explains that he did not know about the curse until he wore the crown. Ask Madog about Fate. Madog explains about a unicorn in his dream that told him that his father would lift Rhiannon's curse. He gives the jewel the unicorn left behind.          Tower of Source - Go to the islet with fire blocking entry. Use the jewel on the fire. Look at the broken stone and see that the unicorn engravings are similar to that of Rhiannon's altar. Look close at the bones in the foreground and pick up a black eye-shaped stone. Pick a blue eye-shaped stone and a green eye-shaped stone at the other piles of bones. Ask the fairy at the central island about Rhiannon. The standing stone was broken because someone violated a pact and that is when Rhiannon cursed the Atrebates. Ask about the unicorns, which are Rhiannon's companion and learn that the unicorn stone in Arden is a reminder of the pact with the Atrebates. She does not know about the pact. Ask her about the curse and learn about the pact that was engraved on the stone. Ask her about the stone eyes and she says they are the magical unicorn eyes from the 3 unicorns.          Tower of Breath - Ask the winged fairy about the unicorn. The unicorns were the breath of Rhiannon and when they died, Rhiannon died too. The marks where they were killed are in Arden forest. Ask about the curse and she says to follow the white stag. Ask about the stone eye. The eye of the eldest unicorn saw into the past, the beautiful one saw the present and the youngest saw the future.          Stone Circle - Go to the white stag and arrive in Arden.

Chapter 3:          Arden: The black unicorn shaped ground that marked the death of the Rhiannon's 3 unicorns can be found at the King's Mound, Lake of the Offerings and Rhiannon's Altar.         Rhiannon's Altar - Look at the black unicorn shape on the ground. Climb up the hill and see the 3 white unicorn shapes on the ground around the altar. Standing close to the head of the leftmost white unicorn shape, place the green eye stone on the head. Pick the green eye stone again. Use the black eye stone on the middle unicorn shape, pick the black eye stone again and place the blue eye stone at the one on the right. Pick the blue eye stone also. Go back down to the black unicorn shape on the ground and see that it is now white. Pick up the blue disk from the head.          Lake of the Offerings - Pick up the green disk from the now white unicorn shape on the ground.          King's Mound - Pick up the black disk from the now white unicorn shape on the ground.           Rhiannon's Altar - With the 3 disks and the 3 magical eyes, walk under the dolmen of Rhiannon's Altar.

Chapter 4:          Avalon:           Tower of Source - Talk to the fairy about the stone discus. She says that the pact was written on similar disks. Place the black disc on the broken stone pillar. Hear Rhiannon say "Since the dawn of time, I Rhiannon reigned on this earth". Place the blue disc on the pillar - Rhiannon said that a pact is made with the Atrebates, the fairies will not harm the children and that man will not lay hand on the 3 sacred unicorns. Place the green disc on the stone. After the stone pillar is complete and the last disc in place, Bradwen is transported to the central island in front of Morgan, mother-goddess.             Center Island - Talk to Morgan and hear her anger because Bradwen has freed Gawain, rejected her, vanquished her champions, provoked rebellion among her fairies, and is Arthur's Knight and Merlin's friend. Fydia, his wife extracted a promise from Morgan not to harm him. Flame of life goes into the hand inventory. Ask Morgan about Rhiannon. She has disappeared. Ask who killed the unicorns and find out that it is the king that gave Bradwen the unicorn horn. Tell her about the curse and how Bradwen will stop it. Only Rhiannon, the one who laid the curse can remove the curse. Around Morgan are the idols of Air, Fire, Earth and Water, idols that he cannot reach. Place the Flame of life on the idol of fire and hear her say the she brought on the destiny of mankind. Place the black-eyed stone on the idol of the earth and hear her say that she takes care of the dead and the living also derived strength from her. Place the blue-eyed stone on the idol of air and hear her say that she is the guarantor of the here and now.  Place the green-eyed stone on the idol of water and hear her say that her waters give birth to the future. Rhiannon disappears after the last stone is placed. Stand at the center of the circle where Morgan stood and get transported to the Matrix of Time.

Chapter 5:          Matrix of Time - Go forward, right and talk to the Guardian. He is the Guardian of all that has come before. You must defeat him to carry out your destiny. Do not fight him. Go to the central area of the maze. Look at the Pact stone of Rhiannon at the center and Bradwen renews his vow. Go to the stone of the past and earth at the right of the central stone. The stone of the past says that only oblivion can unmake the pitfalls of the past. Go out, right and talk to Morganor. Bradwen does not believe his brother was already dead and that the one Bradwen killed in Camelot was a creature of darkness. Go back where Bradwen first appeared in the maze. Go to the level one higher and turn left, pick up the crown. Give the crown to Morganor and bid him to rule the Dead. He gives the Sword of Oblivion. Go to the Guardian of the past and fight him with the Sword of Oblivion. Look close at his body and pick up the Black stone of the past. Go back to the central area and place the black stone on the Stone of past and earth.          Go back and talk to a new Guardian - the Guardian of the present. Follow the same procedure, do not fight him and go back to the central area. Look at the stone of Air and present at the middle of the outer stones. The stone of Air say that only Honor can unmake the pitfalls of the present. Go to where Morganor was and talk to Guinevere. She wants you to forsake your honor and oath to Arthur and give her your love. Go out and turn right where Bradwen first arrived at the Matrix of time, go up one level and turn right. Pick up Fydia's lock of hair. Go back to Guinevere and give her the lock of hair. She will give the Sword of Honor. Fight the Guardian of the present using the Sword of Honor. Look close at the body and pick up the blue stone. Place the blue stone on the Stone of Air and present.          Now, the Guardian is of the Future. Do not fight him also and look at the Stone of Air and Future at the central area. The stone says that only Wisdom can unmake the pitfalls of time to come. Now the personage at the right is King Arthur, who is blind and in despair because his kingdom is falling apart. Go back out and to where Fydia's hair was. Go farther down, one tier up and pick up berries that Merlin says cures blindness. Give the berries to King Arthur and he gives Merlin's sword forged by the wisdom of the gods. Fight the Guardian of the future with Merlin's sword. Look close at his body and get the green stone of the future. Place the green stone on the stone of Air at the central area. Look at the Big central stone and swear again to lift the curse. A voice is heard saying to look for the Cup of Knowledge to learn where Rhiannon is.           Arden - Once more, Bradwen is transported in front of Morgan. She thinks it is futile to look for both the Cup of Knowledge and Rhiannon. Talk about the Cup. The Cup is one of the treasures of Britain that was lost in the invasion of the Romans and whoever drinks from that cup will have their questions answered. She hopes that the white stag is running Bradwen around in circles.

CD 2

Quest 8 - The Cauldron of Celidoin

Chapter 1:          Arden:          Lake of the Offerings - Talk with faithful Corwyn, Bradwen's squire. It has been 20 yrs since Bradwen left and is still unchanged. Fydia, Bradwen's Queen has disappeared and Lancelot made off with Guinevere. King Arthur wants revenged. Cedric, King of the Saxons allied with Mordred, a knight and has been pillaging cities. Merlin has also disappeared.         Merlin's Tree - The white stag stood on the other side of the tree. Follow the stag and after many months, lost his trail in the Cornish Forest.

Chapter 2:           Cornwall:          Road - Ride forward and hear fighting. See Cymerill beset by 2 men. Talk to the one on the left, who calls themselves, the Masters of Cornwall. Fight the men and then talk to Cymerill. He asks that you save King Mark of Cornwall who is in danger. Bradwen reluctantly promises. Ask about King Mark. The king is ill and a Black Knight has assembled outlaws to ravage the country. Cymerill dies. Search the 2 villains and get a horn from one and from the other a golden ring bearing King Mark's coat of Arms - Cymerill's ring. Make another vow on Cymerill's body.          Castle - Ride forward a little bit and turn left towards the castle, where a gray stag stands grazing. Look at map to be sure. Talk to the guard at the castle. Talk about King Mark and then show the gold ring to prove that you know Cymerill. Enter the castle and see the old King Mark. Ask about the Black Knight and King Mark. A monk was to have a sacred relic of St. Joseph that could heal the king but was feared killed by outlaws. King Mark gives an offering to the monks. Ask about the Cup. Look around the room and see a banner of the boar the most powerful of the Cornish tribes. Exit the tower and look around the courtyard.           Pick up a ham, a log and an idol of the Morgan, mother-goddess. Climb the steps to the castle wall on the left side and pick up an idol of Rhiannon from an altar being destroyed. Talk to the man. He was following Mark's orders and would not stop the destruction in fear of the King. Exit the castle walls and walk the bridge.           Talk to the same guard. He said the black knight has already pillaged the royal treasures while Mark was gone and is just waiting for the King to die before coming back. Ask about the horn. The horn is a relic from the druid's time and used to frighten swamp evil spirits.          Village - Talk to blind Cornelius, a monk from Magovenium and learn that Uncle Novelius has died. He asks for help. Ask him about the relic. The black knight has stolen the relic and wants ransom.          Go around the right side of the church and talk to the old woman praying in her yard. She said that famine has driven the villagers away and that she is hungry. Give her the ham. Ask her now about the Black Knight and then King Mark. The Black knight is from the Black Marsh, where she said has evil spirits. King Mark does nothing about the famine.          Castle - Ask the guard about the Black Marsh. He gives a map to the swamp. Move or turn away from the guard, then look at the map in inventory and see the Black Marsh in destination. Ride to Black Marsh.          Black Marsh - Ride forward to the Black Tent. Walk towards the left where the Black Knight is standing and around the reeds towards a bridge. Two ghosts appears and Corwyn cries warning. Blow the horn and cross the bridge. Talk to the Black Knight. He serves the Hidden King of Britain. He is invincible and no weapon can defeat him. Ask about the Hidden King of Britain and the relic. He said the Hidden King will soon rule Britain and he will be the King of Cornwall. He wants ransom for the relic. Give him the offering and he gives the relic. He says that Bradwen wants something else, which are the Cup of Knowledge and the white stag. Ask him about the poison given to King Mark. Ask about the Cup of Knowledge. The Black Knight says that he has the Cup and he wants Bradwen to disavow his promise to save King Mark and the Bradwen's sword. Bradwen will not break his oath. Leave, ride the horse and click on Cornwall in destination.         

Chapter 3:           Village - Enter the church and give the relic to Cornelius. Cornelius prays but King Mark's soul is too black to be healed. Look at the shield on the altar and then ask Cornelius about the prince. The shield belongs to Mark's son and Mark ordered the shield placed on the altar so that God will watch over the young prince. The prince has left Cornwall and no one knows what happened to him.          Go to the old woman in her yard beside the church and ask her about the prince. The prince is good and merciful like his mother Queen Isolde and since he left the King has become twice as cruel.           Castle - Ask the guard about the prince. The prince seemed depressed and just left one morning. Enter the castle tower and talk to King Mark. He gets angry about his not being cured by the relic. He is cold. Go to the fireplace and place the log in it. Ask about the prince. King Mark thinks that the prince is softhearted and left because he wants to have adventures like Tristan. Go out and talk to the guard about the prince again and he says that the prince was not wearing his talisman. Go back to the king and ask about the talisman. The king finally gives a key to the prince's tower room.           Go out the courtyard and climb the step on the right side. Use the key on the room close to the stairs. Enter and Corwyn exclaimed how sad the room is. Look and pick up a slate cylinder at the alcove on the corner of the room. At the opposite corner, look and then pick up the foam cylinder. Place the cylinders on the eyes of the drawing on the floor. Pick up the talisman from the third indentation.            Show the talisman to the guard outside and he notes that there is a piece missing. Show it to King Mark and he said that it was from Merlin and that he came to the castle. Ask about Merlin. Merlin was there several days ago looking for a cup.      Go to the left stairway in the courtyard and ask the man destroying Rhiannon's altar about Merlin. Merlin threatened to shut him up in the Green Mounds for what he is doing. ask him about the Green Mounds and he says it is a magical hill, the grass is always green even in winter and the witches hold their Sabbath there.     Ask the guard outside about the Green Mounds and he says to follow the coast north. Ride the horse and choose Green Mound as destination.           

Chapter 4:           Green Mound - Ride and the walk forward to the Green Mound. Use shift forward to climb the steps. At the top, pick up the bracelet that has a boar engraving. Look at the standing poles and see wolves' head and ashes, which is work of a sorcerer.  Go down and look at a path on the left side of the cliffs. Then go back to the horse and ride the opposite direction of the mound.          Look at the Druid's sacred altar but no one offers sacrifices anymore. There are 3 pillars surrounding the main altar. One has a statue on it and Bradwen prays to the statue. The other 2 steles were defiled and are missing the idols on them. Place the 2 statues on the 2 steles. Merlin appears, go to him and a raven cries "Heed the guide". Pick the raven up and say 'Come be my guide". Tell Merlin of what has happened and Merlin warns about the shadows. Ask about the Hidden King. The Hidden King was once vanished by Rhiannon and now returns to be Britain's king. Ask about the Black Knight and Merlin cannot help defeat him because the shadows hide the knight. Ask about King Mark and Merlin says to give Celidoin's cauldron its rightful place and Mark will be cured. Ask about the Cup. The Cup was a gift by Celidoin, the fairy of the Green Mound to the first king of Cornwall and is the sign of the pact between the fairy and Marks forbearers. The pact was Celidoin promise for King power and fertility for the land as long as the cup is in Tintagel. But if the cup left the castle, famine for the land and incurable illness to the king. The Black Knight took it and the pact was broken. Mark and the people have forgotten about the pact. Show the bracelet to Merlin. Merlin said that the wolves' stands are to block the passage of the fairies and that the bracelet is a squire's bracelet given as a symbol of heir profession. Show him the talisman. The talisman is from Celidoin, a fairy so beautiful that any man falls hopelessly in love with her. The prince met the fairy and left for a quest to forget his unrequited love. Ride the horse and then select Cornwall as destination.         Castle - Show the bracelet to the guard and he says that it belongs to Guyon, the prince's squire. He lost his mind when the prince disappeared and is now a hermit in the marshes. Show the bracelet to the king and he said that prince's squire comes from the Boar clan, whose loyalty is legendary as the banner attest. Guyon joined the outlaws. Take the Boar banner standing by the wall. Leave the castle and go to the Black Marsh.          Black Marsh - Walk forward by the reeds and then turn to the top of the screen instead of the left going to the Black Knight. Notice smoke rising over the treetops. Move forward and see a bridge to a small hut. Bradwen thinks it was build by elves or sprites. Go forward to the end of the marshes towards the smoke over the treetops facing a clearing across the marsh. Release the raven from inventory. It flies away and lands on a hut roof - What the body sees, the mind perceives. Cross the bridge that appears. Look at the cabin but cannot enter. Use the boar banner and Guyon appears. Guyon wants King Mark to suffer and his loyalty lies only on the Prince of Cornwall. Show him the bracelet and he will answer you. Ask about the Prince. Guyon was the one who set up the wolves' stand to stop the fairies from entering. When he told the lovesick prince, he flew into a rage. The prince went out looking for a love potion to make Celidoin love him but vanished instead. Show him the talisman and admitted that the Black Knight is the Prince poisoned by the Hidden King of Britain subject to his will. Guyon gives a lock of silver hair. Ask him about the silver hair. The hair is the fairy Celidoin's. The hair is automatically joined with the incomplete talisman to make it whole.          Go to the Black Knight.  Show him the whole talisman and he falls down and disappears. Go to the table and pick up the Cup of Knowledge.         

Chapter 5:          Castle - Tell the guard that the black knight has been undone and will not come anymore. Tell the king that he will soon be cured but as usual he is as arrogant as ever. Go up to the Rhiannon's table that is being demolished up the castle wall. Place the Cup of Knowledge on the table. Go back to the king and tell him he is cured but the King wants revenge on all and even with Bradwen's warning, threatens to join with the Saxons against the rest of the kingdom. Go back up and drink from the cup at Rhiannon's altar.           Rhiannon's prison - Go down and talk to Rhiannon. She would not remove the curse from the King of the Atrebates to the last descendant. After informing her of Bradwen's destiny, she then said that it is necessary to confront the red dragon, her brother and enemy and also the Atrebates' emblem and worst enemy. He is also known as the Hidden King of Britain. The red dragon's imprint is the one by the Atrebates' castle at the hill. Rhiannon slew him before Time began because he would have devoured the whole world. Bradwen's forbearer was deceived by the dragon and was used for the dragon's vengeance. They are now in his belly at the world of shadows. Ask about the curse. The curse will cease when Rhiannon is freed after the red dragon is slain for the second time. Locate the entrance to the Land of Shadows and slay him. Look for the entrance at the red dragon hill in the Kingdom of the Atrebates.

CD 3

Quest 9 - The Hidden King of Britain

Chapter 1:           Kingdom of the Atrebates:          Castle - There is no inhabitants left in his Kingdom when Bradwen returns. Enter the castle and go to the Great House. Talk to Elad and find out that they, lead by Gawain went into battle against the Saxons but lost. Ask about Gawain and find out that he has been captured by the Saxons camping at Red Dragon Hill. The ransom was refused. The Britons plan to go to the coast and travel to little Britain where it is still at peace. Look at the throne and pray at one of the statue at the right of the room. Ride out to red dragon field.           Red Dragon field - Cerdric, King of the Saxons stood on the hill. The Hidden King told him Bradwen is coming and wants him alive. Cedric says he is invincible now and has killed a lot of knights. Ask about Gawain. Gawain is crucified by Merlin's Tree in Arden.     

Arden:           Merlin's Tree - Find Gawain crucified and he asks Bradwen to find the last treasure of Britain that Merlin has requested. Cerdric has the treasure and it must be offered to the mother-goddess. Gawain dies and Bradwen is now alone.          Black Rock - See the ghost of Cadfanan, Bradwen's father but in reality is the Dragon, hidden King of Britain. He can only be harmed by Madog, Bradwen's son and the red dragon thinks he is dead.  The dragon was told by the shadows that it is Madog's destiny to kill him and so he took over Morganor's body and killed Madog. Bradwen tells the dragon that it is Bradwen's destiny to kill him. The dragon says Rhiannon lost her lance therefore he is invulnerable and tries to entice Bradwen to join him. Tell him Bradwen will find  Rhiannon's lance. The dragon says that the lance was broken in 3 pieces, each of which was modeled from a unicorn. Talk about the unicorn and how the dragon tricked the first king into killing them. The dragon dares Bradwen to enter the Land of the Shadows to slay him. To enter the Land of Shadows, one must be invited.        Rhiannon's Altar - Pick up the 2 unicorn horns that Bradwen left on the unicorn's head 20 years ago.           Kingdom of the Atrebates:         Red Dragon Hill - Fight Cerdric with a unicorn horn. Search his body and get the last treasure of Britain. Time to fulfill the last task for Gawain. Go to Arden.       

Arden:        Merlin's Tree - Place the last treasures of Britain in the middle of the 3 Standing Stones behind the dolmen. Morgan appears. Talk to her about what Bradwen found about Rhiannon and the dragon. She agrees to help in killing the dragon if Bradwen be the last mortal to enter Avalon. She will close Avalon and leave Britain on its own. The age of the fairies is done. Fydia and Madog are in Avalon. The dragon will die and Rhiannon will be free before the rising of the new moon but the bad moon is nearing and it is favorable to the dragon. Tell her about the Land of Shadows which is in fact here at Arden. He who is able to pass between the fangs of the beast will be able to enter his mouth and will thus discover the land of the Shadows. Ask her about Rhiannon's lance. Rhiannon's lance was the axis of the globe. Find the median of the kingdom of Atrebates and in this spot reforge what has been rent asunder. Ask how to find the unicorn horns. The third horn returned where the tip of the lance struck the beast. The 3 unicorns were but one, the call of the 2 will attract the third. Go back to Bradwen's kingdom.

Kingdom of the Atrebates:         Red Dragon Hill - Look around and note that there are 6 black spots on the ground and one brown one, located where the eye of the dragon is. Look at the brown spot and Bradwen says it is where Rhiannon wounded the dragon. Place the 2 unicorn horns on the brown spot. Pick up the third unicorn horn that appears. Now to find the median of the kingdom.         Castle - Enter the Great house and look at the throne. Place the 3 unicorn horns on the 3 unicorn of the throne's back. Pick up Rhiannon's lance.

Chapter 2:     Arden:        Black Rock - Talk to the Dragon appearing as Cadfanan. He says that Arthur is hurt and that Bradwen is the last of the Knights of the Round Table. Fight the dragon using Rhiannon's lance and win. Look at his body and find a sharp crystal. The dragon's body disappears. Now to find the fangs of the beast and enter the mouth as Morgan said. Go to the bottom of the screen and pick up another sharp crystal hidden in the standing rock by the lava pool. Further down, pick another sharp crystal within the standing rock. Pick the other 3 sharp crystals close to the entrance hidden in 3 standing rocks. There are 6 sharp crystals like 6 black spots on the red dragon hill.          Kingdom of the Atrebates:         Red Dragon Hill - Cerdric's body is gone as well as the other Saxons. Place each of the sharp crystal on each of the black spots on the dragon's mouth. Corwyn cries warning about being engulfed in the dragon's maw. Bradwen is transported to the Dragon's realm.               

Chapter 3:         Land of Shadows:  The dragon's realm is filled with shadows that conceals the dragon. There are 3 boned bridges and one of them is blocked by fire and the one at the other end is blocked by wandering spirits. Corwyn cries warning of the spirits.            Middle bone bridge - Enter the middle bone bridge. Walk around the outside paths of the island and look inside the cages hanging around the rim of the island. Talk to Cerdric, king of the Saxon caged in one of them. The other cage is empty. Another cage has the Fairy of the waters. She said that she was captured in Arden by the Dragon since she cannot return to Avalon. She will be freed if the dragon is slain. Ask her about the dragon. Fire will awaken the dragon. Ask about the witches.            Use the middle path across from the bridge, climb to the top of the island. See 3 witches around a bubbling cauldron. Talk to one of the witches. They are the guardians of the dragons and watches over him during his long sleep. Ask about the red dragon. They say that he cannot be found and Bradwen will wander aimlessly until he dies. Ask about the wandering spirits by the other bridge. They were 2 knights and she asks if you know them. Tell the witch about Fate and the path to the dragons. The witch gives a riddle - Under his yoke, men are blind. In his domain, all perish. In his realm, everything withers away and in his land, there is no law.            Talk to the fairy again and ask about the witches. Go around the perimeter of the island again and pick up skulls of oblivion, death, night and evil. The witch does not take any of the skulls. Exit this island and walk to the other boned bridge blocked by wandering spirits.          Right bone bridge - Use the skull of evil on the wandering spirits and they disappear.      Cross the bridge. This must be where the dragon is since his sigil is on the ground. Use the 3-flamed sword on the red dragon sign on the ground. The island is the dragon. The dragon awakens and magically makes Bradwen's wound caused by the curse to open. The dragon waits for him to loose all his blood so that his daughters, the witches can feast on him.  Corwyn stands alone and powerless to help Bradwen, who has fallen down.

Corwyn - Playing as Corwyn, go and look at Bradwen. Go to the opposite side of the dragon's body and cross another bridge. At the center of this island are 4 silver lanterns on 4 stands. Pick up the 4 lanterns.          Go the fairy in the cage at the middle island. Talk to her and ask about the lanterns. One of them is Rhiannon's lamp that she used to guide the dead and can cure Bradwen but the other 3 made by the dragon can definitely kill him. Aha! Go to Cerdric's cage and use one of the lanterns on him.       Go back across the bridge and see 2 wandering souls. Use  2 lanterns on them and see if they are the correct one. Corwyn is now left with one. Go back to Bradwen. Use the last lantern on him. He rises and fights the dragon. The dragon dies.

Master Foulque explains that Bradwen is cured, Rhiannon is  freed and the curse is lifted. The dragon falls into the abyss. Rhiannon took Bradwen to the other world.  Bradwen, Fydia and Madog are reunited and lived happily. 

Brave men find the path to the old world to learn chivalry. The Path to Chivalry is within you and not around us. The Age of the Fairies are done.


Bradwen the Paladin (White Book)

Quest 6 - The Return of the King

Chapter 1:          Kingdom of the Atrebates:          Castle - Bradwen returns to his kingdom with the Sword of Truth and the horn of Melatus, the Black knight he saved.  King Arthur made Bradwen, King of the Atrebates but according to the custom of his people, only he who wore the crown is worthy to be king. Bradwen meets Olwen, his father's caretaker by the castle gate and she curses him. She will stop knights-murderers who killed her husband and will not let Bradwen pass. A Pict with a hatchet killed her husband and she wants revenge.             Lucius' Villa - Talk to Claudius, who is glad to see him and ask about the murderer. The Pict is around stealing food.  Walk towards the child and he cries "Long live Elad, the King of the Atrebates". Ask about Lord Elad. The boy said that Elad is wearing the king's crown. Ask Claudius about Elad and the crown. He said that the new king would like a knight like you in his retinue and was not struck dead when he wore the crown. Looking around, note the Roman mosaic floor in front of the main house depicting an Emperor and several stars. Go out of the gate and a Pict ambushes Bradwen. Bradwen kills the Pict. Search his body and get the hatchet-axe that killed Olwen's husband.         

Chapter 2:           Castle - Ask Olwen if she asked Elad about the murderer. Give her the hatchet. Enter the castle grounds. Take the left path and talk to the blacksmith about Elad. Elad ordered that all mirrors in the kingdom be destroyed after his coronation. Corwyn, the squire does not want Bradwen to enter his old home with the red dragon on the door. Talk to the guard by the Great House. Enter the great house and talk to Elad. He insists that whoever wore the crown without becoming weak is the king. He asks that Bradwen go to the monks of Magovenium to be sure of the tradition started by St. Joseph of Arimathea. On the way out, look at the statue on the wall and note that the ancient gods was not able to protect his family.

Chapter 3:            Magovenium: Ride to the Amphitheater (check the map). Talk to the guard. Enter through the right door and go to the right side of the platform to the door with a cross on it.             Monastery - Enter the monastery and talk to drunken Armenius. Climb the steps, open door and look at all the side chapels on the left side of the screen. Joseph of Arimathea drunk from a cup, was imprisoned and hid the Grail in Britain. St. Joseph's coming to Magovenium defeating the devil and founded the monastery. St Joseph's baptizing The White Lady of Arden called Epona, the patron of Atrebates. In this fresco second from the end,  there are 2 crowns. Only God's chosen can wear the King's crown. Any imposter will be subject to divine wrath and will be wounded in his very flesh. The last fresco depicts - God's gift protected St. George from the venom when he slew the dragon.        Go to the hallway facing the third to the last fresco and enter the last door on the left. Talk to Dionicus. Bishop Novelius is not there and no one knows where he is. Ask Dionicus about the crowns of the Atrebates and Elad. An old legend about the crowns was written down by St. Joseph. The manuscript (Cadfanan's letter) was stolen by a Black Knight under the devil's spell. Elad's words about kingship were verified by Dionicus. Exit the monastery and go to the opposite door with a cup inscription across the platform of the amphitheatre.         Catacombs - Enter and Corwyn cries warning. Go down the steps, down the screen, right to archway, down the screen and forward to another archway. Go down the steps and enter the first alcove on the right. Look at the tomb and then blow the horn of Melatus. Talk to Melatus and ask about the letter. He gives the letter he stole and his debt is repaid. Read the letter and find out that the devil made a false crown given to a second son and with the use of Solomon's mirror,  St. Joseph revealed the deception. Bradwen cannot exit the devil's pit. Pray to St. Epona and will be transported to the chapel at the monastery.         Monastery - Ask Dionicus about the Mirror  of Solomon. The mirror is in the monastery and it reflects the soul not appearances. Pick up the mirror by the door and show it to him. He does not know. Go to the hallway and enter the next door. Talk to blind Cornelius. Show him the mirror and he says he cannot see it. Pick up all the mirrors in the monastery and show it to Cornelius one at a time. There is one in the room,  at the end of the main hallway, 2 in the chapel, Novelius' office (door in hallway by the main door) and by the drunken monk downstairs. The mirror at the end of the hallway shows Cornelius a dazzling light. Go back to the Kingdom of the Atrebates.        

Chapter 4:          Kingdom of the Atrebates:          Castle - A guard stands inside the great House. Talk to Elad and he still would not give up the throne. Show Elad Solomon's Mirror. The crown disappears and Elad admitted making a deal with the devil and deceived the people. Bradwen pardons Elad. Ask Elad about the crown and find out that the monk responsible for the true crown sold it for a jug of wine to the devil. Hmmm! Talk to the guard outside the Great House and the blacksmith. They want Bradwen as King when he finds the crown.            Magovenium:          Monastery - Talk to drunken Armenius about the crown. Novelius entrusted him with the coffer but he sold the coffer to the blacksmith of Magovenium for a jug of wine. The blacksmith hanged himself after getting the crown. The blacksmith's widow might know but she left. Go outside the theater and ask the guard about the blacksmith of Magovenium. He made a pewter pot for the guard.           

Kingdom of the Atrebates:          Castle - Ask the Atrebates blacksmith about the blacksmith of Magovenium. He told Bradwen that the blacksmith's widow moved to the new village at Lucius' villa.          Lucius' Villa - Talk to Claudius outside the gate. Enter and talk to the woman by the left side of the main house. Ask her about the blacksmith. The blacksmith buried the crown and hanged himself because the devil tormented him. Open the door behind her and enter. Look at the pewter sword and ask the widow about it. She gives Bradwen 3 pewter swords that were the last work of the blacksmith. Go back inside and pick up the fourth sword of pewter.             Magovenium:          Blacksmith shop - Place the 4 swords one at time on the smithy's forge and pick up each steel plates hidden underneath the pewter. Read each steel plate in inventory. The East is in the dragon's eye. The blossoming tree in the midst of the ruins shows the South. The North Star will guide you. The West bows down before the cross of the dragon killer. Now, a-hunting we will go!          Ruins - ride down to the crossroad, turn to the left of screen and then left to the side street. Enter the ruin's arched way and to St' Joseph's Tree. Pick up a piece of the Atrebates crown from the ground under the tree.            Kingdom of the Atrebates:         Red Dragon Hill - Go to the brown circle of the Dragon's head and pick up piece of the Atrebates crown.          St. George's Hill - Walk to the clearing on the left and go to the altar and pick up piece of the Atrebates crown.           Lucius' Villa - Go to the mosaic floor depicting stars and pick up piece of the Atrebates crown. Corwyn cries that you have all the pieces of the crown and go to the castle for the Coronation.            Castle - In the Great House, face the throne and wear the crown. A fearsome wound appears on his left side and struck him down. His hair changed to white. Lady Lutisse, Bradwen's wife arrives, prays to St. Epona and to care for him.

Chapter 5:            Kingdom of the Atrebates:         Castle - Talk to Lady Lutisse about the care of his wounds she has given. Bradwen wants to convene a meeting of the noblemen but Lady Lutisse wants that work to be given to Novelius. Sir Lancelot visited while Bradwen was sick and is off on an adventure. Talk to her about Novelius, Wounds, St. Epona and the crown. Bradwen looks like his uncle Novelius now with his white hair. St. Epona, patron saint of the Atrebates will heed her prayers because the wounds are resistant to her healing. As long as Bradwen holds the sword of truth, the God thinks he is worthy of it. Bradwen wants to relinquish the crown because he is wounded when he wore it. Go outside and talk to the guard, he wants you to renounce the crown since you are not worthy. Talk to Armenius sent by Dionicus. Ask him about Novelius. He has a letter from Novelius. Go away from Armenius (Armenius is not shown on the circle on the bottom left) and read the letter. Novelius is at Forest of Arden and warns that Bradwen not wear the crown until he gets back. Bradwen can still refuse the crown and live peacefully.

Arden:           Kings' Mound - Take the road guarded by a black bird. Find Novelius fighting with phantoms. Corwyn cries that  flames surrounds Novelius and the fairies have bewitched him. Use the sword of truth on Novelius and he is set free but the sword disappears also. The ancient Kings were angry with Novelius and he cries when he realizes that Bradwen has worn the crown. Be the valiant knight and learn to be king that is your path. Ask about the sword of truth and the crown. Novelius explained that the disappearance of the sword is God's test and the wound he received is the assurance that he is worthy to be king because it is a sign that he got the Atrebates Kings' curse. The curse was because one of their ancestors freed the dragon that St. George killed and the kings and his descendant were cursed for the suffering the dragon has caused. Talk about Bradwen's wounds, white hair and the red dragon. All of them, father, uncle, brother and even Madog, if alive are wounded. Talk about Morganor and Novelius. Morganor shaved his white hair to hide the sign of the curse and he hated Bradwen because he was spared the curse. Only Bradwen and Novelius know of the curse now. Novelius advises Bradwen not to let anger and hate fill him. Ride back to Merlin's Tree and take the other open road at the other side of the tree.

Chapter 6:         Black Rock - Go to the left side of the tower and enter the central portion of the Black Rock by the bridge. Go inside and see a sword made from the black rock itself and the devil. Bradwen is trapped inside. Talk to the devil. The devil taunts Bradwen on his hair and wound. He also taunts about Arthur's possible rejection of him and Lancelot's unfaithfulness by meeting Guinevere at Arden. The devil wants Bradwen to kill Lancelot and he will make him King of Britain. Pick up the devils' sword and the blockage was removed and the devil disappears. Leave and ride.          Lake of the Offerings - Enter the adjacent open road by Merlin's Tree and ride to the Lake. Talk to Lancelot, who is glad to see Bradwen well. Ask him about Guinevere. Do not fight him but persist on asking about Guinevere. Lancelot finally admitted that he asked a final meeting with the Queen and since he is in love with the Queen, he will leave Britain forever. Bradwen apologizes about his mistrust because of the devil's trickery. Lancelot says that Novelius is waiting for Bradwen at Magovenium.         

Chapter 7:           Magovenium:         Monastery - Go to the room by the hallway close to the door by the stairs. Enter and talk to Novelius. Tell him about the devil's trickery. Hallelujah! Bradwen passed the test. All the cursed ones are tested by the Devil. Morganor accepted the pact with the devil. Talk about the curse and the sword of truth. Bradwen does not want to passively accept the curse, he is a knight and a fighter. God took the sword of truth back and it could have been used to find out about the curse. Go out and enter the chapel door at the main hallway. Pray at the altar to have the sword of truth back.            Amphitheatre platform - Go to the large opening on the floor where steam and fire are seen. Drop the devil's sword back to the devil's pit. The door to the catacombs opens.           Catacombs - Walk down until the devil's pit. Enter the opening across St. Epona. Walk to the other side and pick up the Sword of Truth in front of the entrance to hell. Go back to St. Epona's statue. Look at the statue and see that it is bleeding on the left side as Bradwen's wounds are. Use the Sword of Truth on St. Epona and hear her say that she was the one who cursed the kings of the Atrebates to suffer body and soul. Bradwen is then transported to the chapel at the Monastery.         Monastery - Tell Novelius about St. Epona. Novelius still wants Bradwen to just passively accept the curse. Since God heard the first prayer, go to the chapel altar and pray again. Bradwen asks for a sign since he already rejected the devil twice. Exit the monastery.            Amphitheatre platform - A big white stag with a cross on its antler has entered the city. Look at this sign that Bradwen asked for - the white stag of Arden.           Monastery - Tell Novelius about the white stag. God sends Bradwen a guide. Novelius finally accedes that Bradwen is right in not conceding to the curse. Follow the stag for it is the messenger God sends to knights in distress. Go back and talk to the stag. Follow the stag and it will bring Bradwen to the Forest of Arden.

CD 2

Quest 7 - Morgan's Wrath

Chapter 1:            Arden:           Merlin's Tree - Greet Merlin and he says that Bradwen is not welcome in Avalon but it is his destiny to pass through the Other World. Morgan has launched a great hunt for Bradwen. Ask about the Great Hunt - A pack of wolves lead by the Horned Man. Perhaps Bradwen's dark side will help him in this. Take the path adjacent to a crystal and the one guarded by a horse. You can see the white stag there. Follow the map to the Great Hunt area.            Great Hunt Area - Talk to the Horned Man. Ask him about the Great Hunt. He will give 1000 heartbeats and then he will release the wolves for Bradwen's soul. Immediately or else Bradwen will be killed, go to Black Rock - check the map.       Black Rock - Go to the center of the posts at right side of the screen. Hear a call for help. Talk to the man entrapped inside a crystal. It is the doppelganger, the one that has taken the features of Bradwen and Lancelot before. Use the sword of truth on the crystal to find out if he is saying the truth and then free the doppelganger. Ask him about the great hunt. The Doppelganger while wearing Bradwen's appearance will lure the pack and when the horn sounds, the way will be open to Bradwen. Immediately, ride the horse and go to the Great Hunt - look at the map. Go forward to the Stone circle and see the white stag stand at the center of the circle and disappear. Corwyn refuses to follow Bradwen to Avalon. Walk to the center of the stone circle and appear later in Avalon. Wonder how the horse got there?

Chapter 2:           Avalon:           First island - Talk to the Pied Knight. He would not listen, so fight him. No one is the winner. Talk to the Pied Knight again about the Pied Knight. Bradwen will know him if he pierces the knight's armor. Bradwen's conscience makes him choose from the white or the red stone, i.e. to kill the knight or not. Choose the white stone and tell the knight that Bradwen is not a murderer. The way is still blocked by the fire. Go back to the first bridge. Talk to Morgan, who is surprised that Bradwen did not recognize her. Ask her about the curse and the Pied Knight. After the talk with Morgan, Bradwen is transported to the Tower of the Wind.

Chapter 3:          Tower of the Wind - Climb the tower and talk to Dwella, Queen of the Fairies of the Heavens. Tell her about the Pied Knight. In order to pierce the armor of the knight, Bradwen must guess who 'you' is in the riddle. I will always be younger than you. Love me or hate me, we will always be bound to one another. Without you I would not exist, but if you disappear, I will exist yet. Go to the right red circle and automatically arrive to the top of one of the side tower. There are the brown stone of the earth, white stone of the eldest child and the red stone of the father. Remember that the riddle asks who are you. Pick up the red stone of the father. Cross to the other side and give Dwella the red stone of the father. Dwella revealed that you, Bradwen are Pied Knight's father. Madog, who the fairies took in grew quickly since time is different in Avalon. That knowledge pierces the Pied Knight's armor. Go down the tower and see Madog.           Talk to the Pied Knight about Pied Knight. Madog wants proof that Bradwen did not abandon him. Give Madog the sword of truth so that he can use it on Bradwen. Madog refuses to go with Bradwen but he gives 2 magic grains that can resists even Morgan's magic. He also tells Bradwen to go to the Prison tree and find an ally.

Chapter 4:        Prison tree - Talk to the winged fairy and Bradwen makes a comment about not seeing any mark of God here. Walk to the base of the Prison Tree and look at the stone slab inscribed with the mark of St. Joseph. Ask the fairy about the stone slab. She refers Bradwen to Kael at the Tower of the Spring.         Tower of Source - Talk to Kael, Queen of the fairies of the waters and ask about the stone slab. She will give you a cup with magical water to see what the slab conceals. The slab is held by the roots of Yrsghul, the Prison tree. To give Bradwen the cup, he must bring 6 of her complementary sisters found on the outer small islands together. Talk to the sisters, starting from the sister on the outer island at the left side going counter clockwise. The first says I am she who moulds inanimate things. I mould, I sculpt, sometimes I destroy. The second sister says I am she who waters whatever bears hairs, feathers or scales. The third says I am she who nourishes that which grows and needs the sun. The fourth says I am bound to the animals. Find my twin and giver her this - a sign of the animal. The fifth says I am bound to the stones and the rocks. Find my twin and give her this - a sign of a vegetable. The sixth says I am bound to the plants. Find my twin and give her this - sign of mineral.          Give the sign of mineral to the first sister who moulds, the sign of the animal to the second sister who waters whatever bears hair and give the sign of the vegetable to the third sister who nourishes that which grows in the sun. Talk to Kael and she will give the cup of spring that will make the tree grow. The fairies disappears.

Chapter 5:       Prison Tree - Use the Cup of Spring on the stone slab. Walk to the opening made by the disappearance of the stone slab. Bradwen finds St. Joseph who seems asleep or under a spell. Use a magic bean on St. Joseph. It has been a long time since Morgan has imprisoned him under the tree. Talk to him about the curse. St. Joseph explains that St. Epona cursed Bradwen ancestors, who were misled by the devil because they killed the sacred unicorns. He falls back asleep. Use the second magic bean on him again. Ask him about how to remove the curse. With little information said, St. Joseph falls back to sleep. Talk to Madog waiting outside and he transport Bradwen to meet with Morgan.         Central Island - Ask Morgan about talking more with St. Joseph. St Joseph came to Avalon to convert Morgan, so was punished. To allow more time to talk to him, Morgan ask that Bradwen put things in place in the labyrinth. Walk to the central brown circle and enter the labyrinth.           Labyrinth - See a standing stone at the last ring of the maze. Go forward, left, up on the second opening, right, down and right and pick up a red stone. Go back to the standing stone at the last ring in the maze. Place the red stone on the standing stone. Get transported close to another standing stone at third outer ring. Go down, left, up, right, down, left, up, right and  pick up a yellow stone. Go back to the standing stone and place the yellow stone on it. Bradwen is now transported on the fifth outer ring close to another standing stone. Go down left, up, left and pick up the gray stone. Place the gray stone on the standing stone and get transported to the center ring. Pick up one of Morgan's grains. Bradwen is transported to the Prison Tree island.          Prison Tree - Go to St. Joseph and use the grain on him. Ask about the curse and be told that only St. Epona can lift her own curse. Find her and beg her forgiveness.  Follow the white stag and it will lead to the Ciborium of Divine Grace. Ask about the Ciborium. Lift the Ciborium to the lips and know where St. Epona is. Do not lose hope. Go outside and talk to Madog again. He would not go with Bradwen and will send him back to the world of men. Bradwen will now look for the White Stag and the Ciborium.

Quest 8 - Ciborium of Divine Grace

Chapter 1:          Cornwall:      Edge of the Woods - Talk to a happy but aged Corwyn, the squire. Corwyn is happy to hear about Madog and says that Lady Lutisse's love is still ardent. Arthur is at war with Lancelot who ran away with Guinevere. Saxons are taking advantage of the dissent. They are in Cornwall near Tintagel Castle. Lady Lutisse called Corwyn from Arden to help run the kingdom. Dionicus wanted a relic to heal King Mark. Corwyn was robbed of the relic by the Servants of the Horned Snake and was run off by a phantom. The phantom is by the end of the woods and prevents anyone from leaving.  The Horned Snake is a creature from Hell and that it is God's punishment for Mark's sins. It is in Tintagel Castle. Ask about Mark and the Ciborium.          Woodcutter's hut - Ride straight to the woodcutter's hut. Talk to the woodcutter who remembers Bradwen as the one who vanquished the ogre. The Knights have been killing each other and leave Britain to the mercy of the Saxons. Ask him about the Horned Snake. The Horned Snake's disciple threw the Tintagel crosses in the brambles in the forest. Go to the bushes just across the door of the hut and pick up the cross. Go behind the smoke hut in the back and pick up another cross. Pick up the third cross by the far side of the hut. Ride back and keep to the right to get to the main road.           Main Road - The path is blocked by a ghost and a wall of fire. Talk to the ghost. Leave him and take the road to the left of the screen. Ride and find a shield and a body. It is dead Cymerill and his shield.  Go back to the ghost at the main road and show him the shield. The ghost now remembers his name - Cymerill and is grateful. Cymerill extracts an oath from Bradwen to save King Mark and allows him to pass.           Castle - Ride and then turn left where there is gray stag on a rise. Talk to the man who is a follower of the big horned one and he allows Bradwen to enter at his own risk. They have run off the King's guards.          Look around the castle courtyard and see 3 headstones at the rear of the castle tower. Bradwen reads Christ crucified between 2 thieves. St. Joseph's headstone is in the subject. Place the 3 crosses on them. Pray at the center headstone and get a head of a horned serpent.            Enter the great hall of the castle and see the Great Horned Snake. Talk to the Horned Snake. The snake mentions that it was Bradwen who converted Tudglyd, the ogre. Bradwen repeated his oath to take the throne back and return it to King Mark. The Horned Snake laughs it off as it did with Cymerill. It mentions that it took back what men stole from him. The snake would not talk until Bradwen kills one of its servants, with black armor. Ask about the Black Knight. The knight tried to steal its cauldron and he and his followers were expelled and hid in the swamp. Exit and leave the castle but the guard attacks. Bradwen kills him.

Chapter 2:           Village - Find the white stag in front of the church gate. Talk to blind Cornelius. His healing attempts have not cured King Mark. Enter the church and talk with Dionicus. Novelius died 5 yrs ago. Bradwen's presence gives him hope that they can care for King Mark and drive the Horned Snake out. Ask about the  Horned Snake, King Mark, relic and the Ciborium. The Horned Snake, who serves the devil came from the marshes and is very old. King Mark's sins caused God to free the snake and the snake bit the king and no one can cure him of the venom. Tell Dionicus of the stolen relic, St. Joseph's hand and Dionicus believes that it would have been ineffective anyhow for curing King Mark. The Horned Snake stole the Ciborium, an antique treasure of the fairies and without the ciborium cannot rule over Cornwall. Before the arrival of St. Joseph, the Snake ruled and the blood of its victim was poured into the cup and all its disciple drink from it. St. Joseph had transformed the cup that whoever drinks from it will have his sins pardoned.            Look at the statue of St. Joseph of Arimathea on the left side of the church and read that The sins of a bad king will reawaken the beast, but a fisher king will come and bring down the creature of the devil. Look at the tomb on the floor at the center of the floor - Here lies Meriadoc, first Christian King of Cornwall.. Ask Dionicus about St. Joseph, tomb and King Mark. Dionicus repeats the prophecy and thinks that King Mark can benefit from drinking from the ciborium. After St. Joseph vanquished the Snake, he gave the crown to a child who became the first Christian king of Cornwall, he and his descendant were the guardians of of the Ciborium.   

Chapter 3:          Village Church (continued) - Go to the retable on the right side of the chapel and read Only the valiant will break the chains of falsehood. Ask Dionicus about the retable, the gifts of the angels. St. Joseph had a vision and Dionicus repeats the inscription on St. Joseph's statue about the bad king, awakening the snake and the fisher king. The retable was to guide the king in his combat but no one can open it. The bar locking it is indestructible. Go back to the retable and use the sword of truth on it. The retable opens and read Surrounded by the 2 thieves, you will pray to the son of God. We did that already! Use the head of the horned snake on the retable. The Horned snake had drawn the inhabitants of Cornwall into devil worship. The blood of sacrificial victims was poured into a large cauldron. Turn to the left door of the retable and read the parchment. You shall cut the tongue of the devil. Ask Dionicus how to cut Devil's tongue. He does not know.           Go outside and ask Cornelius about Devil's tongue. The plant, devil's tongue is venomous and to never touch it with bare hands. It grows in the marshes of Cornwall.  Ask the way to the Black Marshes of Cornwall. Cornelius does not know since he is not from here.           Go around to the back of the church and enter the opening by the chickens to the Blacksmith shop. Go to the barrels by the wall on the left side of the opening and pick up the blacksmith's tongs. Talk to the man standing outside by the fence about the Black Marshes. He warns not to go there since the horned snake was born there.           Go the opening behind Cornelius and talk to one of King Mark's guard. Ask him the way to the Black Marshes. The guard gives a map to the marshes. Go to the stone hut on the left and see King Mark lying on a pallet. Exit and look at the map. Go to the Black Marshes.

Black Marsh - Corwyn noted the flag above the black tent. Go around and turn to the right. Look at the Celtic cross and read - In accordance with divine will, St. Joseph crossed the marsh and drove the evil spirits out. Go farther left and see a bridge to a hut that Bradwen thinks belongs to dwarves. Continue to the left of the screen and see the flower, Devil's tongue. Use the blacksmith's tongs to pick up the devil's tongue.          Village - Go to the retable and use the devil's tongue flower on the left door with the parchment. A painting appears and a new parchment is seen on the right door. The new painting reads - The devil promised the horned snake that no man come from the womb of a woman could defeat it, but the devil is deceitful. The parchment on the right door reads - The hand of St. Joseph blesses the innocent. We need to look for the relic then. Go to St. Joseph's statue on the other side and pray to him. Take St. Joseph's staff that appears.

Chapter 4:        Black Marsh - Go back to the Celtic cross of St. Joseph and use St. Joseph's staff on it. Your faith will be your guide. A path appears to the island of the Black Tent. Cross and talk to the Black Knight, who is a follower of Melatus. Bradwen asks for the relic, St. Joseph's hand. Ask him about the Horned Snake. He was deceived by the devil. Bradwen asks him to serve Arthur and to do chivalrous deeds. The Black Knight gives the relic and serves Arthur. Cross the bridge and see a young boy at the small hut but he runs away.           Village - Use the relic on the right door of the retable. A new painting appears on the door, which reads - St. Joseph discovered a child who was a captive of the Horned Snake. The child has been pulled from the belly of his mother. Armed with a wooden sword, the child killed the snake, which withered away. St. Joseph made the child the first Christian king of Cornwall. Pray at the tomb of the Meriadoc and pick up Meriadoc's sword that is the answer to the prayer for help.            Black Marsh - Go back to the boy's hut. Place Meriadoc's sword on the table by the wooden horse. Bradwen calls the wild boy. Talk to the boy. He said that he had a dream where Bradwen gave him a sword and a crown. He will follow Bradwen. The boy is the son of King Mark.           Castle - The prince follows Bradwen to the castle. The boy kills the Horned Snake and before the snake dies, it cried warning about the Hidden King. Pick up the ciborium. Talk to the boy and he wants to stay and not follow Bradwen.

Chapter 5:           Village - Tell Cornelius that Cornwall is free of the Horned Snake and he can return to Magovenium. Talk to Dionicus in the church about the Horned snake and send a message to Lady Lutisse. Ask Dionicus about the Hidden King. One of the disciples of the evil one was promised Britain by the devil and it is this one that called himself the Hidden King. Ask how to use the Ciborium. Turn towards He who blessed it and drink. Talk to King Mark's guard in the area behind Cornelius about getting rid of the servants of the horned Snake. Enter the stone hut on the left and use the Ciborium on King Mark. Talk to him about God forgiving him, his son that he had condemned defeated the snake and that his kingdom is free. King Mark gives the royal seal of Cornwall for his son and relinquishes the crown making his son king. Mark will join the monks.        Castle - Give the royal seal to the young Prince. He asks Bradwen to stay as his guide but Bradwen refuses because of his quest. Go by the place close to the wall where the Bradwen picked up the Ciborium and then use it.

Chapter 6:          St. Epona's prison - Use the sword of truth on the flames that blocks the path. Go down and Master Foulque explains that this is St. Epona's prison. Find the white stag at the floor of the prison. Pray to the stag, who transforms to St. Epona. Implore pardon from St. Epona and she grants it removing the curse. She tells Bradwen to drink from the cup and he will get out of the prison but only the death of the Hidden King can free her. Bradwen's ancestor was tricked into believing that he will be immortal if he kills the sacred unicorns. Bradwen gives his oath to fight until he or the Hidden King dies. Ask about the Hidden king. It was born of the shadows, wants sole rule of Britain, was vanquished by her and then St. George sent it back to the shadows after St. Epona's death. It has the appearance of a dragon. Ask about the dragon. She asks Bradwen to go back to his kingdom, drink from the cup and beware of the falsehood used by the devil. Move away and drink from the cup.

CD 3

Quest 9 - The Prophecy of the Shadows

Chapter 1:          Kingdom of the Atrebates:          Castle - Bradwen returns to his kingdom. Talk to the guard. Enter the Great House and talk to Elad. Elad says that Lady Lutisse is in the monastery in Magovenium since Novelius' death. Arthur's kingdom is falling apart and Lancelot has taken arms against the king. Mordred is laying siege to Magovenium. Bradwen asks Elad to stay until he has finished his task. Ask about Mordred and the dragon. Nai the hermit is the only one who knows how to enter the amphitheatre. The priest in Lucius' village might know where Nai is. Bradwen tells Elad that he must kill the dragon and the first sign of the dragon's reign is here.            Lucius' village - Ask the priest standing by the tree about Nai. Nai is in Dragon's hill and has taken a vow of silence until Novelius' vision has been fulfilled. Novelius' vision is painted in a fresco in the castle.        Castle - Enter the Great House and look at the blue starred fresco by the wall. Apocalypse, St. John talks about a white haired man wearing a robe to his ankles, armed with a sword, wearing 7 stars and a golden belt. Look at the fresco again and Corwyn says, it could be you My Lord, same hair, the sword....          St. George's Hill - Nai ignores attempts to talk to him.           Lucius' village - Talk to the priest about the Apocalypse. The priest agrees about the hair and the sword except for the gold belt but he recalls the 7 stars of the mosaic here at the villa. Go to the Roman mosaic floor in front of the main door of the house. Pick up the 7 stars from the lower portion of the mosaic.       Castle - Talk to the blacksmith on the left side of the Great House about the golden belt. The blacksmith has a golden belt passed down through his family and gave it to Bradwen.          St. George's Hill - Nai now would talk and exclaims that the vision is true, God's messenger is here and the Angel of truth is with him. Bradwen gives Nai the golden belt and to tell Elad to gather an army to lift the siege of Magovenium. Ask Nai about Novelius' vision. Nai gives a stick, which is a part of Novelius' bishop's staff. Ask about entering the amphitheatre. Nai gives a map of the city to Bradwen. Move away from Nai and then look at the map.

Chapter 2:         Magovenium:           Monastery - Bradwen is inside the monastery. Go to Novelius' cell and find Lady Lutisse. After a warm welcome, tell her about the curse done by the red dragon. Lady Lutisse reminded Bradwen that St. George killed the dragon in Uffington, the castle area and used a lance as weapon. The lance is from wood of Christ's cross and the iron's point was from one of the nails from the cross. Dionicus knows more about the lance but is a prisoner of Mordred in the city. Lutisse gives a cross, which is a part of Novelius' staff given by Novelius for Bradwen. To get out to the city, Lutisse gives the key to the postern gate. Go down the stairs and use the key on the postern door opposite the main monastery door. Open and exit to the city.          Ruins - Look in the map to get to the ruins. A guard is standing by the ruins. Talk to the bragging guard and Bradwen kills him. Enter the hut at the bottom of the screen and talk to Dionicus in the back room. Talk to Dionicus about the dragon and St. George's lance. Dionicus gives another part of Novelius' staff making Novelius' staff whole. The lance was entrusted to the kingdom's first priest and the prophecy about it says At the heart of the saint, the instrument of faith takes hold. God projects his strength and the Saints weapon is revealed. Go to the Kingdom of the Atrebates.            Kingdom of the Atrebates:          St. George's Hill - Look at the inscription in front of the cross. Here is where St. George struck down the dragon. The O in St. George is a heart. Use Novelius' staff on the inscription. Pick up St. George's lance. A voice is heard saying - The fifth bowl will open the door of the kingdom of the beast for you.

Chapter 3:         Magovenium:           Monastery - Enter the monastery by the postern gate since the main gate is locked. Talk to Novelius in his cell about the fifth bowl. Novelius says it means the 7 bowls of the plague and he gives a manuscript - Dionicus' letter to explain it. Move away from Dionicus and then read the letter. The bowls will be returned to man when the 7 frescoes are united. The first is hidden in abundance. The second fresco is hidden at the feet of Christ. The third fresco hides where the weapons were. The fourth fresco is hidden near the blessed fruits. The fifth fresco is hidden where the devil was defeated. The sixth fresco is hidden under the king. The seventh fresco is hidden under the Emperor's face.            Now, we look for them. Go to the chapel and pick up the second fresco on the altar by the cross. Place the second fresco on the second alcove wooden wall. Go down the stairs and pick up the first fresco from the barrels (abundance) by the stairs. Go outside through the postern door, enter the main door to the amphitheatre and go to the catacombs.       Catacombs - There are several guards around but Bradwen is ignored. Enter the catacombs, down the stairs, left and pick up the third fresco. There are weapons by the wall. Go down to the devil's pit via the archway on the right of the screen, down and then through the archway to the right. Enter the opening across St. Epona and go to the opposite side. Pick up the fifth fresco in front of the entrance to hell. Bradwen can go out from here through the archways now.      Ruins - Pick up the fourth fresco from the foot of St. Joseph's tree. Now go to the Kingdom of the Atrebates.          Kingdom of the Atrebates:          Castle - Talk to the guard. Enter the Great house and pick up the sixth fresco by the throne.            Lucius' village - Pick up the seventh fresco by the Roman mosaic on the floor. Time to place them back at the monastery.            Magovenium:           Monastery - Enter through the postern door. Place the frescoes in their proper places on the side alcoves of the monastery. After placing the seventh fresco, an earthenware bowl appears in all the alcoves. Do not pick that up. Go to the fifth alcove and pick up the light colored fifth bowl. Exit the monastery and it is time to enter the kingdom of the beast.         Kingdom of the Atrebates:          Red Dragon - Pour the contents of the fifth bowl on the eye of the red dragon. Before Bradwen goes to the kingdom of the beast, Nai arrives with news from God. Lady Lutisse is with God and the angels now. Bradwen sends his love to her in heaven.

Chapter 4:             Kingdom of the Beast:  Look around and see 3 boned bridges and 3 shades. Talk to the shade of Cadfanan, Bradwen's father, close to a lava pool entryway. His soul is the prisoner of the dragon. Ask about the dragon and Cadfanan knows only that an island contains his real name and an ogre stands guard by the bridge. Talk to the shade of Tudglyd, the sorcerer ogre blocking the right bridge. Tudglyd cannot touch Bradwen but he can block his way. Ask him about the dragon. The dragon has been asleep for centuries and will wake when his name is called from the Dragon stone. Talk to the shade of Cymerill by another opening to the lava pool. The dragon has devoured his soul. Ask about Tudglyd and he talks about the promise - Tudglyd promised to serve the Christian God and cannot hinder the quest.      Middle bone bridge - Walk around the rim of the island and see 2 empty cages and a cage with Novelius' shade. Ask him about the dragon. Novelius says there are some stones placed on an island. Some are the teeth of the dragon. If observed in the correct order, the name will be revealed. The teeth are different from the other stones. The first, second and third can be found in the outer circle. The fourth is near the third tooth on the middle circle. The fifth and sixth follow on the middle circle. The last is aligned with the first but is on the inner circle.            Left boned bridge - The island is full of inscribed standing stones. Go to the stones in the outer circle on the right side if the bridge is on top of the screen. Look at the stone and it will light up. Continue looking at the stones and if it is the right stone, it will light up. After the 7th stone, pick up the name of the dragon from the center of the inner circle.            Right boned bridge - Remind Tudglyd of his promise. Tudglyd agrees and let Bradwen pass.  Cross the bridge and see the sign of the dragon on the ground. Awaken the dragon by calling him, place the name of the dragon on the sigil of the dragon. Osthryth! With the use of St. George's lance, Bradwen slew the dragon.

Chapter 5:           When the dragon was defeated, Gwen, Bradwen's first wife appears and accuses Bradwen of abandoning her in search of power and allowing her to be killed by the witch. Gwen was told this by Madog, their son who appears too and was responsible for bringing her there. Bradwen gives her the sword of truth so that she will know that what she accuses him of is not the truth. Gwen strikes Bradwen a heavy  wound. Madog changes into the devil and laughed at him for he has tricked Gwen in believing her son, she loves so much. Bradwen calls Corwyn and asks him to pick up the sword.

Playing as Corwyn, pick up the sword by standing close to Gwen, who is crying now. Give the sword of truth to Bradwen. Bradwen knights Corwyn, so he kneels before no man. Bradwen gives the sword to Corwyn and asks Corwyn to get him the lamp of St. Epona, the only thing that can cure him. Walk to the other bridge at the other end of the island. On the way pick up an ice crystal. The bridge is blocked by Melatus, the Black Knight. Do not fight him. Use the sword of truth on Melatus to find out his weakness. Melatus says that his weakness is water but in the sea of lava, there is no water. Talk to Melatus again and fight him using the ice crystal-dragon's tear as weapon. Walk across the bridge and find a shield, a cup , a crown and Rhiannon-St. Epona's lamp. Get the lamp and use it on Bradwen. Master, you cannot be dead. Bradwen is healed.

Master Foulque explains that with the death of the dragon, St. Epona was freed. The world of shadows fell with the dragon in the abyss of the void. Only Arthur and Merlin can reunite the kingdom and they are both dead. Bradwen survived but the Saxons overtook Britain and were victorious. Bradwen took the remaining knights and became the King of Little Britain. He taught Arthur's principles of Chivalry to his companions and that is how it was handed down to the present. Lancelot and the other knights are real since they exist in you heart.

Here ends the Tale of Bradwen, Knight of the Round table and King of the Atrebates.

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