Clue Finders: 4th Grade Adventures

May, 2003

There are no save feature, the game keeps track of the progress in the game. Click on Laptrap to get the main menu that shows map and progress of game.

Puzzle of the Pyramid:

Cheap Jeeps:    Select the jeep that will get the kids to Cairo 100 miles away. Select the jeep that runs  30 mpg and has 4 gallons. It will travel 120 miles.




Ramses the Antique:    Mission is to collect 12 Cairoglyphs. Place the collected Cairoglyphs in backpack and bring back here.    Go right.

Cairo's Best Coffee:    Enter Kafi's Coffee. To get 3 glyphs, select 2 or 3 numbers on the coffee mugs that would result in a number similar to the sum of the numbers on the board. Exit and turn left.

Gorgeous Fabrics:     Enter the fabric store. Use the scissor to cut the cloth in the amount resulting from the fraction puzzles shown. Get 3 glyphs. Go to bottom right and then bottom left.

World Exports:    Enter Import/Export office. Use the push pin on map to show the answer to geography puzzle. Get 3 Cairoglyphs. Go left of Import/Export office, right of fountain and up the courtyard.
Set in Stone:    Read the question and find the answer on the sentences carved in stone. Take the brick/answer and place on table. Collect 3 glyphs.

After getting 12 Cairoglyphs, go back to Ramses the Antique. You can use the map when you click on Laptrap. Give Ramses the 12 glyphs. You have to redo the above puzzles at a total of 5xs to collect 3 lines of clues.

Clues deciphered:
Out of stone I am made
great secrets under laid.
An icon carved of ancient stone,
missing only my rightful throne.
A lonely vigil, I guard the gate;
5000 years and still I wait.
By likeness I immortalize,
and behind me my treasure lies.
Tap the foot then twice the knee.
Then the secret door you'll see.


Clues followed:    Exit Ramses' store and go left. Tap the foot of the pharaoh statue once and twice on the knee. Secret door opens. Enter and go right.

Colored tile puzzle:     Fit  the colored tiles lying on the steps over tan tiles on puzzle. Go to boat dock by going through arch, R, R, top right, left and top right.

Boat making puzzle:     Make a boat that can sail down the Nile. Get the large sail, smallest motor and middle boat.



Stolen gems:     To repair 5 doors, collect 12 gems from mice. Go right, R, down, R, top R.

Map Mice:     Place coordinates on scroll on top for the mice to get to the cheese. Get 3 gems. Go
R, Go top left.

Artiste Mouse:     Place the words from below in slot to describe the drawing and then place the period at the end. Get 3 gems. Go R, L, R, top R.
Rolling Stone Builders:     Build a pyramid by sentences. Place the word that fits the sentence. Get 3 gems. Go R and top L.
Columns R Us:     Build columns of specified height by placing pieces on top of one another to get the
right height.

Go back to central puzzle.

Secret Chamber Challenge:     Complete the pattern on puzzle by placing the gems on empty spaces. Study the pattern of the gems already in place.  Do all the above puzzles over to open all the gates.


Inside the Pyramid


Bridge Puzzle:    Place the ball weight on launch/crocodile head. Click on left and right arrow on the ramp to move the position of the launcher. Use the up and down arrow on the panel to select the angle. Pull the knob to get the force to launch the weigh balls.

statue L-R

























Riddles of the Sphinx:     Place block on square hole on selected answer.
Chasm of Peril:     Spell using tiles.

Mystery of the Missing Amulet:

Collect 2 halves of the Amulet.

Crystal Caverns

Collect gems:  Collect enough gems to get clues from other places in the cavern and free the Doldreks. Select the word not related to the other words using a probe.  Launch probe and move it to chosen answer. Left click to put probe back in the slot if in danger of being destroyed. Get more probe when they are all destroyed.
Jukebox Jumbler:     Place letters from top to form words at the bottom. Clues to the words are written on top of jukebox. Do this until 5 clues are obtained.

Old and young are merely state of minds.
The left half must then be found.
Bring the amulet to a great fire.
Finally, the amulet is whole.
All things have an order.

Ice breaker:     Add gem on slot at bottom right, get ball and place at center.  Use shield to bounce tthe ball back to break the ice to release words. When the correct word is seen, then shoot/left click the correct word to select it. Listen to the instructions whether to choose word that are synonyms or antonyms of the lit word.  Do this until you get 5 clues.

There 6 etchings you must find.
First find the big Doldrek.
Next, find his skinny friend.
after the friend, find the amulet's right half.
Beware of friends of friends.

Crystal Getaway:    Follow the clues by clicking on the glyphs. From L-R: Click on bottom 2, middle 1 and then bottom 3. Second set of clues:     Click on bottom 1, top 1, top2.


Mystic Mountain

To get the second half of the amulet, free the Sorens. To get clues, collect Lava rocks.

Lava Rocks:     Similar to Crystal collection
Rock Muncher:     Find the words in the rock that answer the questions, then click/hold the words and feed it to rock muncher. Do this 5xs to get all the clues.

Heed these words.
The Soren must confront the winged one.
The winged one will flee to the royal one
Finally, the royal will flee to the horned one..
You task is complete.

Bridge Builder:    Sort the falling words into nouns, adjectives and verbs. Do this 5xs to get all the clues.

Follow the 6 stepped path
First, find the icepick.
Bring the pick to the fire.
Then to the hands of the Sorens the pick must go.
Life is a journey, not a destination.

Mystic Getaway:    Follow the clues collected by clicking on appropriate glyphs. L-R: top 3, top1, middle 1. Second set of clues:    Top 4, bottom 4, middle 3.
Mountain passage:    Fill in the letters to form words and gradually form another code.

wise, voltan, secrets, spaces.
pieces, enemy, dolreks, stone, freed
during, scare, bravest, machines
remind, clues, climbed, cold, their, great

Reunite the amulet and meet more challenges.

Door to mountain:   The puzzle involves the forming of a secret password. It can be a 3 or 4 letter word. Type a trial 3 letter word. The 2 small demons will tell you if there is a right letter in the right place or right letter in wrong place. From those clues given by the demons, move the possible right letters around and slowly form the words by matter of deduction. Do this puzzle 3xs and the last one is 4 letter password.