On Assignment

By TCB Entertainment

Walkthrough by MaGtRo     May, 2002

Game play: The game is very linear. If the previous scene or puzzle is not completed, no progression can be done.

The game starts with pictures of Black Helicopters by an erupting volcano in Fire Island scaring a Pteradon away, a T-rex separated from his mother, a helicopter tracking an Apatasaurus and a Stegasaurus from T. L. Waite's last assignment.

Scheme Magazine Photographer Information: Name: T. L. Waite; Formats: Still, Digital; Age: 31; Height: 5'10"; SSN: 989-72-3148. You have a new assignment pending. Click here to Retrieve Assignment Data. Click OK on message box, to have assignment data delivered to place of contact.

Home - Getting Assignment

The pager buzzes. Look at pager. Click on left bar and then on right bar of pager to acknowledge that you received the message. Pick up pager to place it in inventory.

Go close to bookcase. Pick up and read yellow book about "Photography" on the middle shelf:

Some Tips for Taking Better Pictures:

"If my life was in the key of C, everything would surely be A-B-C-D-E-F-G; That would not be the life for me."

1. Keep your camera ready.

2. The closer the better.

3. Compose to make it interesting.

4. Bracket your exposure - f-stop of 4.0 or 5.6 or 8.0 and shutter speeds of 1/90, 1/125 or 1/250

5. Look for good lighting and using flash for freeze action and rid of unwanted shadows.

6. Loaded with film. Use right film, 400 speed film will produce greater flash distance than slower ones like 100 speed film.

Books - Pick up and read red book about "Quest for Hoodwink" on the middle shelf. It is the story about Alexander Hoodwink leaving for a mysterious place and taking Maria, a widow with him. They were married by Reverend Marcus before leaving town. Many years later, Sue working at the general store was given a book about Hoodwink by a fearful, tall, in his late thirties or early forties man. The man had grayish, almost white hair and carrying explosives in his saddlebags. A reprint of the book might be "The Memoirs of James Hoodwink."

Pick up and open the blue book at the bottom shelf - "The Memoirs of James Hoodwink."  Take the ATM card of T. L. Waite from inside the book. The book talks about a vision dated August 2 (8-2) of a large spinning vessel with 3 sides like a triangle drifting towards south. Pull away from bookcase.

Pick up green small circuit board (-1135) and will be shown on upper left corner of screen. Pick up computer cable.

Computer - Look close and read MEMO on bulletin board about carrying pager all the time.

DO NOT click on computer tower. Look close and click on monitor. Click Print on screen and close monitor screen by clicking on the X at the upper right of screen. Move out of monitor and look close on printer on the side.

Pick up the Assignment Information printed. It is about government black helicopters active near a small town and a source presenting the operation to be related to UFOs - similar to Virginia sightings. The identity of the source must remain confidential. At the location will be equipment needed for satellite uplink and shelter. At the completion of the assignment, use the uplink to transmit any digital images and arrange for transport away from location. You will need a small disposable computer. The assignment is to look for photographic evidence of a cover up or of a conspiracy. If the assignment is accepted, transport and retainer will be sent. Click on "Destroy this Document."

Look close and click at monitor. Click on "Reply" to send acceptance of the assignment. You are being paged. Pull away from monitor and look close at pager at the bottom right of screen. The pager informs that the ride and the contact has been arranged.

Look close at PDA on top of monitor. Click, hold and release small circuit board at bottom of PDA. Click start of PDA to turn it on and added to inventory. Click on all icons on PDA to know the workings of the PDA. Pull back from PDA. Note the wrong time.

Pick up 35 mm SLR Camera from right of monitor and digital camera from atop the computer. Turn to the door at right. Open and exit.

Pick up suitcase inventory. Check the door of the house to see if it locked. The gecko bites you. Exit and ride to Store.

Camera City II - Buying supplies

Enter the store. Read the caption of the salesman. Go left of screen.

ATM machine - Take ATM card from inventory and insert it on machine. Now, it wants your PIN #. Press 382 - date of memoir where ATM card was found and possibly, the 3 sides of the UFO. Press red square and then blue square to place money in inventory. Take the ATM card. Pull back and go right.

Pick up 35 mm films, digital camera image disk and binoculars. Get money from inventory and click it on salesman. Exit the store.

Go to car, open the front door and then open the rear door.

Take the sword shown with a world with 3 space ship.

We make you mighty ship! What does God need ?possession? Way to go! You are late for work.

Shelter - Preparation

Cemetery - Pick up the knife. If the sword is not taken, the knife does not appear. Turn left.

Cabin - Enter the cabin. Click on match. Place lit match on candle. Eat sandwich and drink soda. Look at map. Pick up ladder. Go out and place ladder on right side wall. Enter cabin and pick up satellite dish. Climb ladder and place satellite dish on roof. In inventory, place film in camera. Take camera (right bottom of main screen). Turn right 2x.

Snake - Walk forward on road and meet snake. Immediately click on camera, click out, in and snake. Get a green light when the camera is in focus. Get knife from inventory and click on snake. Click on knife again to place in inventory. Forward to sign to town. The sign has 3 dashes and then arrow. Left to town. Forward to sign.

Town of Hoodwink

Take pictures of everything!!!!!

Town - Take picture of town by clicking on camera and then the Hoodwink sign.

Bank - Locked vault.    Barn - Empty.    House - Take pictures of the outside view of house. Remember that a green light is in focus and then click on subject.  2 doors locked. Ring doorbell.

School - Doors are locked. Take pictures of outside view of school and the inside of the room. Look close at window and see a screen with stand-by mode written on it.

Saloon - Take pictures of outside and inside of the saloon.  Click on boom box. To turn it off - click the second to the right button of the right set of buttons. To turn it on - click on the second button from the left of the right set of buttons. Look at white square on piano. (In my game, this is blank while other gamers see a faint writing on it). Look down on piano keys. Based on what was written on the photography book - "If my life was in the key of C, everything would surely be A-B-C-D-E-F-G; That would not be the life for me." Play G-F-E-D-B-A-C on the piano. Start on the 9th key from the right and go thru to the left skipping middle C and back to it - from right going to left - 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, 13. Go to house and ring the doorbell once. Do this procedure a total of 3 times - piano keys and then door bell back and forth, before the vault will open.

Bank - Vault can be opened when the piano is played correctly, the doorbell is rang and all pictures that can be taken are done. Turn the wheel and click the handle. See a blue view. Take picture. Close vault.

Tanks - Arrow to tanks appear when the vault is opened and inside vault picture is taken. Go to the right of the house and see tanks. Pick up the medical kit. Zoom in on the tanks. One tank has # 10330-8. Click on binoculars. Take picture as fast as you can before you get blown up. Click on camera and note that it is damaged. Go left.

Barn - Go up the stairs and see dynamite. Click on dynamite once only or else you will be blown up.

Bank - In inventory, click on medical kit to treat your injuries. Open vault and enter to an alien surroundings.

Alien Place

Alien place - Place digital camera image disk in digital camera. Take digital camera. Take picture. Turn around and see a globe with a shape within it. Take picture. Turn around again. Go forward. Take picture. Go forward to a vase like stand. Take picture.

Alien Language lessons - Look close on 3 green balls and a central white disk. Pick up the square computer disk. Go to inventory and look close at PDA. Click and drop the square alien disk in the PDA monitor. An update was done to include hardware accelerated language translation. Click on word processor. Click start to move out of PDA. Take picture.

Click on center white disk to start a sequence lesson. Click on lettered ball to show the next letter. Top (T) ball - a, c, f. Right (R) bottom ball - b, e. Left  (L) bottom ball - d (3, 2, 1).

Access to alien computer - After the sequence of letters are shown an alien sentence  is made at the bottom - Enter Access Sequence. Click on a, b, c, d, e, f, a ,b, c or T, R, T, L, R, T, T, R, T (shows a sequence of 6 and then start over). This will get a new set of letters - E, Z, T, P, Q, W, B, L. Click on Q, P, T, L, B, W i.e. L-R 5, 4, 3, 8, 7, 6. (I got this by the hint of 3, 2, 1 letters on each balls. Played with reversed letters in 2 groups of 3s - 6. Of course, one set has 2 and that was dropped.) Welcome Aboard! Click on the center white disk.

Alien laboratory - Click on lit L (reverse V). Take a picture with no flash. Look close and take picture of pointed instrument (probe) on stand by operating table. Look close and take picture of scalpel on stand at foreground.

Take pictures of the treatment table, x-ray, plasma and graphed machine and globe within a globe. A face with liquid eyes and nose is briefly seen. Take picture of phone booth. You are being paged! Check pager. Go forward to phone booth. Pick up phone - Deposit some money. Take money in inventory and drop it on slot.

Take picture of columns with no flash. Reality has been removed from perception. Our reality is reflected in your perception. Are you perceiving this reality? Be brave and do not use the Sword of Perception! Click on snake's tongue.

Alien perception - Take picture with no flash of the town of Hoodwink. The lighthouse on an island with 3 triangular ships can not be shot with the camera. Dead End! Open the door. Enter the stagecoach. Look close at Wanted Dead or Alive poster about T. L. Waite for robbing the bank of Hoodwink. Look close at ATM machine. Insert the ATM card on slot. Please Enter: Your Age, Your Height (feet/inches). Press 31510 and then red button. Code Accepted. Press the blue button. Take ATM card.

GRAVMOD PHASE INTERUPT: The gravity modulation system must be phased with the physics of the three dimensional environment. In order to assist in this process please read the question that follows. Press PROCEDE to view the question. When you are ready to answer the question press COMPLETE. Scanning will begin once you press COMPLETE. Press PROCEDE on right side.

You are traveling through a dangerous part of town where everyone has either white hair or black hair. The people with black hair always tell the truth, while the people with white hair always lie. You come to a fork in the road where you meet two people from local neighborhood. It is dark and you cannot see either one's hair color. You know that only one of the roads is safe to travel on, the other is dangerous. In order to find out which road is safe you may ask each person ONE question, to be answered with a YES or NO. What are the 2 questions you would ask? Press Complete.

PARCAE Facility

Tunnel - Take miner's hat from top of the cement block. Take picture of the 2 satellite dishes, black helicopter and a space ship. Click camera again to place it in inventory. Enter the tunnel. Click light at bottom right. Go down. Pick up the rat will bite you! Enter the next tunnel. Go forward. Pick up battery. The lights go out. Drop battery on light at bottom right.

Look in panel (if you did not pick up the rat, the panel will not be accessible). Enter password. Press HOODWINK. Parcae Facility, Access Granted, Continue.

Special Instructions: Press Black Haired Man.  Elevator down = Black - Out Ops, press white haired man. Finished. If you press white and then black haired man.  Elevator up = Black - Out Ops. Then entered the elevator, you will be shot. Press the down button and enter the elevator.

Parcae Facility B.O.O. Control Center: Room 1 - Command Center Operations Control, Room 2 - Office of the Commanding Officer, Room 3 - Chemical Testing Lab, Room 4 - Upper Level Quarantine, Room 5 - Operations Hoodwink. Alert Status Bravo. Upper Level Personnel - Report to Ops Squad S for debriefing. Turn off the light. Take digital camera from inventory and take a picture of the sign. Turn left - Room 2 is open.

Office of the Commanding Officer - Enter Room 2. Take picture. Look close at computer. PARCAE Division 4 Someone is watching. Click on computer. Facility Alert Status Bravo: Operation center status: lockdown. Chem Lab status: Sealed. Level one Quarantine: lockdown. Operation Hoodwink: lockdown. Click the lockdowns to open. The Chem lab remained sealed. Exit.

CCO Control Room - Enter Room 1. Take picture of room. Look close at triangular spaceship - Get away from my ship! Take picture of spaceship.       Upper level quarantine - Enter room 4. Take picture of room.

Operation Hoodwink - Enter room 5 and take picture of room. Look in computer. Read Intelligence Brief on T. L. Waite. Threat assessment level is undetermined/HIGH. Ordered response: Proceed to alert status BRAVO. Relocate Upper Level to Ops Sq-8. Terminate Project Hoodwink. Damage recovery TBA. There is a ladder at top left of room does is not accessible yet.

Turn computer on at Operation Center - Go back to Room 2 and turn on the computer of the CO (the other computers at operation center will not be accessible if this is not left opened). Leave the PARCAE Division 4 logo on and exit. Go to Room 2. Look close at the first black monitor on the left. Click on the Access denied square, then click right until the end and then go back to the next to last square and the PARCAE logo will be seen.  Click on C - Bay, C - Gravnorm, B  -O2, A - decom, D - O2 A - Release, to have gravity, decontaminate and have oxygen to those places. Open Main Door - Y or N. Choose N.

Go to room 5. Go to ladder. Click on camera for safekeeping. Climb up. Turn on light. Press black square on right of top of the ladder. Go forward to decontamination door. Click on light to remove the miner helmet. Press black square and get decontaminated. If you opened the main door earlier on the computer, you will be met by black helicopters that will shoot you. If you chose to not open the main doors and if you are not fast enough, the radiation will cook you. As soon as you step in the door, click inventory to get digital camera. Immediately click camera in main screen, remove flash and click the screen as fast as you can until the beam from the alien space ship reaches you and get transported back to the cemetery.


After the blue light, You find yourself at the cemetery. Turn left and enter the cabin. Get the digital camera from inventory, go back, click on camera and the full digital image disk is ejected. Open the PDA in inventory, and drop the digital disk in it. Press start. Take the computer cable, look close at PDA and drop computer cable in the computer to get connected. Press start. Go out, climb ladder and attach the computer cable to satellite dish. Open the PDA, click on contact to connect to  Scheme Magazine. Click Internet browser. Click start and transmission begins. The transmission is aborted and black helicopters flies over. They have you now!

You wake up in a hazy state in a van. A clock is in front of you. The minute hand moves backwards from 12, 11 10 and then back to 12. The hour hand stays at 3. The tank has # 10330-? (Remember the tank seen at Hoodwink - 10330-8).

As soon as the clock is seen, click on 8 and whenever the hands changes (4 times). Select "I don't know" on the next puzzle. You will then see a white door.

If you entered the wrong numbers in the clock, you face a locked door. Turn around to your hospital room in a Psychiatric hospital. Read the case record and the game ends one way. You have not finished the assignment.

If you entered the correct answer, you will open the door to  the office of Search Magazine. Look close on the note in the portfolio. Pick up the portfolio.  Do not turn off the computer tower or the game will end. Look close at computer. Disconnect to News-Link. Click on YES and then OK. Do not turn the computer off.

In inventory, look at memo about a TV interview and the portfolio Read the portfolio and learn more about the explanation of what happened. At the second page of the Scheme magazine, starting at page 20 - Triangle of Deception, pick up the account deposit for $5250 for the 25 pictures taken. Read about the explanation for what the Alien or spaceship is about.

 Will any man believe me? - James Hoodwink.

The inventory has now a letter from Mom about being descended from Alexander and Maria Hoodwink.

Now, click on computer tower to turn off the computer. Game Ends!!!