Click on bottle cap at top of floating island. Intro
Screen 1:
1. Click on smoker' hookah 3 xs. drops the smokers pipe when empty.
2. Click end of pipe. Pipe goes on keyhole on keyhole and then drops to ground.
2. Click on loose rope of ski lift to tighten.
3. Change arrow direction on top of hill to left.
4. Click on red button at foreground. Hero climbs up the hill on ski lift.
5. Click on worker by white cliff.
6. Click on hero. Go to next Screen.

Screen 2:
1. Click on bob attached to fish line at water. Man pulls it up with fish.
2. Play with goat or lizards until Fisherman throws fishbone.
3. Bird comes and eats fishbone - Click on bird
4. Bird flies Hero clings to fish bone goes to next screen.

Screen 3:
1. Click on wheel on moving hill on right. 4xs.
2. Click on large hole of hill on left.
3.Click on top hole of middle tall hill 2xs. Man comes out and places light bulb.
4. Click on small button to light bulb and raises round carriage.
5. Click on button at top of door to open and then click on Hero to go to next screen.

Screen 4:
1. Click on hole in middle to see animal and phonograph.
2. Click on 4 worms that comes out of tree trunk so that bird will eat it.
3. Click on red button of phonograph. Click until rock music.
4. Click on owl until it moves to loosen the round carriage. Next screen.

Screen 5:
1. Click the round carriage to get hero out of it.
2. Flip on lever on left hill side. , so ants move to ant eater.
3. Time eating of ant by anteater and then click on ladder - hero goes up.
4. Click on power box 2xs on wall of building.
5. Click on all knobs to get red light. Then click first 2 to remove light.
6. Door opens. Click on door.

Screen 6:
1. Click on red light on right to get illumination of room.
2. Click top button on left power square to go to 50 on Q gauge. Use low button to adjust lower.
3. Click on middle button of same square to get ladder.
4. Click on wheel to adjust the flying of the island by the hero.

Watch ending.