Endsequence - 1 & 2

by Zoltan Komaromy & Komaromy Publishing


Walkthrough by MaGtRo    July 2002

Game play: To get back to game after saving, click on 'look'. For an action to work, click twice on the noun to be used with the action verb

Part 1


    1. Take bag. Open bag. (1%) Find flask, tent pegs and matches in inventory. Go N.

    2. Examine one of them (stones). Open flask. (2%).

    3. Use flask on one of them (stones). (5.5%)

    4. Take stone. (6.5%) Go W.

    5. Examine cracks. Use tent pegs on cracks. (9%)

    6. Use stone on tent pegs. (11.5%) Go up.

Top of mountain:

    1. Examine one of the bushes. Take bushberries. (16%) Go W.

    2. Take two sticks. (17.5%) Go N 2x.

 Wooden House:

    1.Examine window on the left. Take putty. (20.5%)

    2. Use stone on window on the left. (24%)

    3. Take glass splinters. (26.5%)

    4. Open window. (31%) Go N.

    5. Examine stove. Open stove door. (32%)

    6. Examine stove. Take poker. (33%)

    7. Take carpet. (34%) Go E.


    1. Pull curtain. (35%)

    2. Take ladder. (36%) Go up.

    3. Take lamp. (37%) Go down and S.

    4. Open trap door with poker. (39%) Go down.


    1. Take bottle. (40%)

    2. Open bottle. (42%)

    3. Use bottle of rum on lamp. (44%)

    4. Use matches on lamp 2x. (45%)

    5. Open chest. (46%).

    6. Examine chest. Take pair of paddle. (47%) Go up and W. Go E.

Forest:    Examine trees. Use glass splinter on a liana. (50.5%) Go E.


    1. Use carpet on swampy area. (54%) Go N.

    2.  Use poker on bird. (57.5%)

    3. Examine nest. Take nestling. (59.5%)

    4. Give berries to nestling. (61.5%) Go S, W and S.

Edge of Forest:     Examine trees. Take wire. (62.5) Go W 2x.

Mountain altitude:     Give dead nestling to bear. (64.5%) Go N.


    1. Go W. Push rock. (69%)

    2. Take worms. (73%) Go E.

    3. Use wire on broken oars. (75%)

    4.  Examine boat. Use worms on holders. (77%)

    5. Examine boat. Use 2 sticks on holders. (78%)

    6. Examine boat. Use repaired oars on oarlocks. (80%) Go N.

    7. Use putty on fissures. (82%) Go N. Go down.

    8. Take anchor. (86.5%) Go up and N.

Isolated Bay:

    1. Go E. Use poker on nettle forest. (90%) Go N.

    2. Use liana on anchor. (92%)

    3. Use anchor with liana on trunk. (96%) Go W, E, S, W, N, N.


    1. Push truck. (99%) Go N 2x. (100%)

The end.

Part 2

Game starts with Zoltan briefing you about the new game Endsequence - part 2. Wake up with a nurse hovering over you.


First hospital room:

    1. Examine bed. Take blanket and pillow.

    2. Examine table. Take mug of water and few pills.

    3. Use pills on mug of water. (2%)

    4. Give mug of water with pills to patient - roommate. (3%)

    5. Open door, click twice on door. Go E. Do not open 2-paned door or else the guards will stop you - Game ends.

Second Hospital room:

    1. Go N.  (5%) Take crucifix (?).

    2. Talk to nurse - to get her out of here. (9%)

    3. Examine cabinet. Take soap. (11%)

    4. Examine cabinet again. Examine washbowl.  Use soap on water in the bowl. (14%)

    5. Go S. Open closed door (not 2-paned door). (17%) Go E.


    1. Examine walls. Take candlestick.

    2. Use wet soap on ground. (18.5%)

    3. Pull cabinet on slippery ground, right under the window. (20.5%)

    4. Examine window. Use blanket on iron bars. (22%)

    5. Examine window. Use candlestick on iron bars with blanket. (26.5%)

Outside Hospital

     Examine pit. Take clay and earthworm (?).  Go S.

First Street in Town

    Do not open door or you will be caught. Examine clothes-rope. See shirts and trousers. Throw clay on pulley. (28.5%) Go S.

Edge of Main Square

    1. Talk to beggar. He wants money and he will give you advice.

    2. Examine trees. Take leaves and horse chestnut.

    3. Examine benches. Take board. Go W.


    Examine fountain and water. The bottom of the pool is full of shiny coins. Do not take coins or the elderly people will start screaming and you'll end up in jail. Go W.

Sewer entry

    1. Pull sewer lid. (30.5%) Do not go down yet.

    2. Take bottle. Go N.

Garbage Dump

    1. Examine garbage-heap. Take carrot and potato.

    2. Examine trough. Take bread. Go S, then E 3x.

City Church

    Talk to lady and listen to her whine about being tired. Go N.

Inside Church:

    1. Go N again. Examine pews. Take cushion and psalmbook (?). Go E.

    2. Talk to painter if you want.

    3. Examine confessional. Open door of confessional.

    4. Examine scaffolding. Take red paint. Go N.

Bell Tower:

    1. Open door to bell tower. (31.5%) Go up 2x.

    2. Do not pull the bell rope or to jail you go again.

    3. Give bread to pigeons. (36%) Go W.

Main Altar:

    1. Examine high altar. Take candle burning.

    2. Talk to priest (he would have ignored you before the pigeon fiasco). He goes semi-berserk about the pigeons and goes to deal with them. (37%)

    3. Examine table.  Do not take keys - you won't be able to put it down and then you'll be back to the calaboose. Use key on clay (not the other way around) and get a key impression. (38%).

    4. There is a way down to the catacombs. We'll do that later. Go out of the church.

Outside church:

    Give cushion to lady and she gives you 5 tin soldiers. (39%). Go E and N 4x to the villa.

Outside Villa

    1. Take horseshoe.

    2. Examine cart. Rear wheels of the open cart is on a sewer lid.

    3. Throw the carrot to the horse and the horse moves to the carrot pulling the cart off the sewer lid. Go back to the sewer lid in town.


    1. If you haven't pulled the sewer lid - open it now. Use rope with board. (41%) 

    2. Use broken board with rope on now open hole. (45.5%) Go down. If you don't use the board first and go down the sewer - you'll fall and Game Ends.

    3. Use candle with broken bottle to get candle in bottle. (47.5%) If you don't and go through the maze, the light will be blown out and get lost in the maze - Game ends.

    4. Go W 3x, N 2x, E 2x, N.

    5. Push lid. (48.5%) If you did not move the horse in the villa, you won't be able to push lid. Go up.


    1. Open cellar window.  Go N.

    2. Open door in the room to the cellar. (50.5%) Go W 2x.

    3. Examine shelves. Take bottle. Go outside the house. Go down the sewer hole.

Sewer Maze

    1.Go  S, S and E.

    2. Examine water pipe. Use horseshoe on nut.  (51.5%)

    3. Examine water pipe. Use paint can on end of pipe. (52.5%) You automatically put the pipes together. You hear the people thinking that the fountain flowing red is a curse from God.

    4. Go W, N, W, S 2x, E 2x. Go up and then E.


     Examine fountain, water and then take coins. (53.5%) If you want you can go back to the beggar at E and give him a coin but he will only give you an advice to examine everything after talking to him. Go N of fountain.


    1. Throw potato on window of inn. (54.5%) Find yourself back at the fountain to hide from the landlady after breaking her window.

    2. Go N again and go W to enter the Inn. Talk to the landlady and she will not give you a room at the Inn.

Inn's first floor:

    1. Give coins to landlady and she greedily gives you a room.

    2. Examine tables. Take meats and toothpick.

Your room at the Inn:

    1. Go up and W. Pull curtain of your room. (56.5%)

    2. Open window. (58.5%)

    3. Examine window. Throw meat to dog. (60.5%) Go S.

Second floor of Inn:

    1. Examine door. Use leaf on gap. (61.5%)

    2. Examine door. Examine keyhole. Use toothpick on end of a key. (63.5%)

    3. Open door with key. (64.5%) Go E.

Drunken man's room:

    1. Take file.

    2. Talk to drunken man and find out he sold the wedding ring for his wedding with the landlady. Go S,  down and N.


    1. Examine table. Take oil.

    2. Examine wall. Take wooden spoon (?) and corkscrew.

    3. Examine oven. Use tin soldiers on vessel. (65.5%) The tin melts in the vessel.

    4. Use clay with church key imprint on fire to make burnt clay. (66.5%)

    5. Examine oven. Use vessel on burnt clay. Automatically immerse in water and take imperfect key. (67.5%)

    6. Use file on key to get filed key. (69.5%)

    7. Go out of the Inn and back to the church.

Church Catacombs

    1. Go to the high altar. Go down to the catacombs.

    2. Examine wooden door. Use jar of oil on band irons. (70.5%) If you don't use, the door will make noise when you open and away you go to to be shackled again.

    3. Open wooden door with filed key. (71.5%)

    4. Go N to enter the catacombs.

    5. Go E 2x, N, E, S.

    6. Examine skeleton. Take ring. (74.5%)

    7. Go N, W, S, E, S and up. Go out of the church and back to the Inn.


    1. Go to the drunken man's room upstairs and give him the ring. (77%)

    2. Go down and open back door leading to yard. (79%) Go W.

    3. Use water dish on soil. (80%) Automatically pull the chain from the soil.

    4. Go out of the Inn, S, W, W.


Outside Prison:

    1. Open wine bottle with corkscrew. (82%) If you click in Use corkscrew on wine bottle,  with 99%. (Thanks MaryBeth!!!)

    2. Give open bottle of wine to gatekeeper. (87%)

    3. Open wooden gate. Go N.

Prison Yard:

    1. Open door to building. (88%) Go N.

Inside Prison:

    1. Examine table. Take handcuffs. Use handcuffs on sleeping guard. (93%)

    2. Examine guard. Take bunch of keys. Go N.

    3. You see you friend Aleksei but cannot talk to him.

    4. Open iron door with bunch of keys.  The prison cell of Aleksei is open. Do not enter or go N or else a guard will come and lock you - Game ends.

    5. Go out to the prison yard.

Prison Yard:

    1. Go E. Use chains on iron bars. (98%) The chains is attached to the axle of the cart.

    2. Throw (not Use or else you will get trampled) the horse chestnut to horse. (100%)

You and Aleksei escape on a boat. Read the ending.

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